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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by dustind, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. So while one my trip to San Francisco last week I swung by Nancy Boy for a little shopping (the highlight of my trip, the low was a bad dinner at Farallon). Already having some shave cream, after shave gel, and shampoo (which I like), I thought I'd give their Pre Shave Oil a try. Now I've not used a pre shave oil before, so I figured I'd do a one week trial run.

    I initially tried the oil while still in the city with SG blade on day 5 of use, it was ok, but a I was getting some resistance which could of been from the blade or the oil.

    This week I started on Monday with a Derby blade in my HD and pea sized amount of oil under a lather of Trupers Violet cream. The first shave was "good", I'm not gonna say great because there was a bit of pull from the oil. On the first pass the oil did not have enough viscosity to it. After a splash of warm water and a re-lather it was a bit better. I got three passes and called it there. Neck was smooth, but I felt a bit oily after my rinse still.

    On Tuesday, I had the same initial viscosity problem on the first pass, I also notice that the blade was gunked up really bad, I had to unscrew my HD to clean it off before my 2nd pass. The shave was not as smooth. Also, when rinsing my brush I could feel a bit of residual oil on the bristles.

    Today (Wed) I thought I'd try no oil to do a quick comparison, I don't know if it was the blade or what but my neck was torn up after my standard 3 pass shave.

    I'll post more as I move through the week and I was going to try another blade next week to see it that changes the outcome. Keep you all posted.
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    I have had my NB oil for about 3 months now and I have noticed the same results as you. The oil seems to have a high drag factor which is very disconcerting when paired with either a soap or a cream (including their own!). I've since gone on to using Pacific Shave Oil with far better results.

    This is the only NB product I have had issues with.
  3. I was considering purchasing Nancy Boy PreShave Oil along with My purchase of Shave Cream until I Read the " Note " at the bottom on the PreShave Oil product description on Nancy Boy's website ... Perhaps that may be a Reason for your experiences with the Oil ...

    " Because you only use a little, there’s enough oil in this bottle for a lot of shaves, so it should last you a good few months. Signature scent. NOTE: This product does not perform well if you apply your shave cream with a brush. " ... ... from Nancy Boy's website @
  4. Hello Dustind,

    I second Tinzien on the Pacific Shave Oil (PSO). I use a few drops before every pass; others use some drops before the first pass only, others use it just for T&C. It is extremely light, virtually scentless, all natural, will not gum up your blade, will not leave an oily film on your beard, sink or brush bristles and does not adversely affect lathering with either creams or soaps.

    I, personally, will not shave without it. It allows me to make multiple strokes over the same area with zero razor irritation. Zero.

    Try a bottle at or

    Plano TX
  5. As much as this sounded like an advertisement, he's right - PSO really does work well. I wasn't much of a pre-shave guy until I tried it. Smells great, too!
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    I use the NB shave cream brushless 90% of the time so I'm not affected by the warning (which I had read when I purchased). Good catch on the fine print though. :)
  7. Boy, I sure am glad that the sales person in the shop knew the fine print as I told him how I shave (i.e. using a brush and DE). I did not catch it.

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