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  1. I used a LORD Premium LP 1822 with a LORD Super Chrome blade. I always used a Wilkinson Quattro (titanium). As lather the Proraso green cream.

    My first expectation was that a DE blade would be very sharper with less irritation.

    Despite my good preparation, good lathering etc, I was very dissapointed by that blade. It did not cut like ice skates on ice but more like a kitchen knife on sandpaper. I did not expect that. I now realized that the straight razor that a barber uses cuts more smooth while removing neckhair. Perhaps because neckhair is less stiff than beardhair. Anyway...

    I first shaved with an up-down motion and was very dissapointed that my face still looked like sandpaper. So I had to do it again with another direction.

    This is what it looked like right after the shave at the end:


    As you notice on that picture, I have a heavy beard. The follicles are very dense and thick. The LORD Super Chrome did not work for me! I have to have blades which are sharper and more appropriate for my beardtype.

    Can I try the LORD Premiums? Will the Derby's give the same results? I am inclined to go for the Feathers, maybe those blades are better for me.

    What do you guys think? Which blades are effective for me? Perhaps switching to straight razors?
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    It doesn't look so bad for a first time. Do not expect a perfect shave right away!

    I would recommend a razor blade sample pack to start with so you can try a few of those. Westcoast shaving have one with Derby/Feathers and other blades in it. I never tried LORD but from what I read, you can find something better.

    Do not throw them in the bin yet. Try them again in 6 months, they will magically improve, I'm sure!
  3. What do you mean by an up-down motion? perhaps like... you are painting a wall or a home with a paint brush/roller?

    DE's work differently then multi-blade cartridges. It is all about "beard reduction". You use multiple passes over your entire beard until you get the result you desire.

    Although i have never used any of the products you have... I expect them to be more than sufficient, and not your current problem.

    Check out Mantic59's video's on youtube for some help on proper technique.

    I would suggest feeling around your entire face where you are growing your beard. Feel which direction your hair grows on your face. Of course, any where it feels like your rubbing sandpaper, the direction you are moving is "against the grain" of your beard.

    Once you know which directions your hair grows on your face and neck... then make sure to shave "with the grain". Then "across the grain". I wouldn't go past this as a beginner... some people need a week or two for their face to get "use" to how a DE shaves.

    Also remember to not put any pressure down on your razor. Let its weight only fall against your skin.

    Click here for Mantic59's Video page on youtube.

    Click here for a direct link to a video explaining and showing you what I am talking about.

    All of his video's are quite useful... even weeks, or months after you feel comfortable with wet shaving, and DE's. its always nice to go back to the basics and stop any bad habits from forming. Or find something you forgot about.

    Here is an even more detailed video explaining what I stated, after he talks about your choices in razors and razor blades.
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  4. You can't expect your first shave to be a good one, I guess. My first DE shave was pretty horrible as well... Not in terms of hair removal (I was BBS), but in terms of slicing myself up badly.

    How did you prepare your shave? I usually take a shower and wash my face while I let my brush soak. Then I make lather and put some of it on. Then I cover my face with a very hot wet towel and let it heat up my face. A good prep is the key to a good shave. Look up Kyle's prep.

    I can't tell if your setup is any good. I never used any of the Lord products. Perhaps there are better tools you could look into.

    How many days of stubble did you have? If you have over 2 days of stubble, it can be very tricky to remove the hair without the razor skipping. I'd use an Open Comb with a Feather blade for that task, although I do not recommend it for a beginning DE shaver.

    Did you pay attention to your angle? I'd start out with a consistent angle of 30 degrees. Later on you can start experimenting with changing the angle a littlebit for every pass. I like to decrease the angle with every pass, ending with a very sharp ATG pass (10 ~ 15 degrees, can't tell).

    I hope this helps. Welcome to B&B!
  5. +1 Yup, takes time to get it right.

    Also remember, you will find different results with all sorts of blades in that razor. The blades you used in this razor, might just not work well in that specific razor. That is why its good t try a blade sample pack from say bullgooseshaving or wcs.

    For example I thought I hated feathers initially, because they sucked so bad in a merkur of mine. Once I popped them into one of my Super Speed the results we fantastic.

    Another thought is try a completely different DE/ SE razor, that one may not work well for you.
  6. It takes time. You won't get great shaves right away.

    Go to YouTube and watch Mantic's videos. Also, go to West Coast Shaving and order a blade sampler.
  7. doesn't look too bad. i use gillette super stainless from CVS/BBB/RITE AIDE, carry them. i have a think beard and thick follicles just like that. your technique also
  8. A disadvantage of the opening mechanism is that you have to be very careful not to cut your fingers while screwing the steel to the base. I guess a butterfly is easier.

    I have not cut myself, that is not the problem. The problem is that the blade was not sharp enough as I told earlier.

    I have prepared well. Proraso lathering for more than 5 minutes.
  9. I was having similar problems this past week (I'm just starting out too). I was not really happy with Merkur blades, Debys were okay and I didn't like the Astra Superior Platinums all that much either. I felt that they weren't that sharp.

    I tried a Shark SS this morning and WOW! Much better and for the first time, not one nick or cut, and very little burn. :001_wub:

    I have a thick beard too and I've noticed that just shaving WTG, whether 1 time, 10 times or anything in between is not going to give me a great shave. I get a DFS by doing WTG x 1, XTG x 1 & ATG x1. I'm really happy with the shave I got this morning.

    Try a Shark and once your ready, try XTG on your second pass.

    Good luck.
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  10. Humor me and try out some of the things I have suggested. It might be just crazy enough to work. I too have a very thick, coarse, and dense beard. My ethnicity is known for thick beards... haha! Check out Mantic59's videos. It's all free any ways. Just takes up a little of your time.

    Its good you want to try out new blades. I am not saying you should not try out new blades. But while new blades are being shipped to your door... or searching around for other options locally... work on a technique other then an "up and down" motion. Trust me... it makes a world of difference.
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  11. +1
  12. because it can't be said enough to a newbie, get a sampler pack of blades.

    Believe me, the blades make a world of difference.
  13. Okay,

    I had my second shave now on the LORD Super Chrome blades. I deliberately used only one side of the blade at the first time.
    The blades are still blunt and feel like rubbing on sandpaper.
    I used the other unused side and it was even worse!
    This explains that the first shave is more blunt then the second. I assume that the more I shave, the smoother the razor will glide over my face, which does not seem logical because blades get more blunt when they are used.
    Anyway, I am looking for blades which are sharp at the very first use. These LORD blades are going to the bin. Next week I will buy Feathers and Sharks.
    For the record: I lathered with Proraso for a couple of minutes and then let the lather on my beard for 5 minutes, so the lathering was good.
    I will watch Mantic as recommended here.
  14. Grab a sampler pack.

    My current favorites are Feather and Crystals (Israeli Personna's). The IP's are much more forgiving then Feathers, and only slightly less sharp. Which is saying a lot since feathers are known to be the sharpest thing since the Katana.

    Kai I hear is good and sharp.
  15. Today I had my third shave with the LORD's. Again terrible. The generous shop owner who sold me these is now sending me Personnas and Gillettes to try. If these are terrible also I consider the Feathers.

    The strange thing is that even in my second pass ( shave twice in one execution) was not better then the first. My skin is pulling even on this second shave today. Is it the SR itself then, which is pulling to much on my skin?

    I even had a pre-cream on and that even did not work!
  16. When you say that you shaved twice in one execution, did you re-lather before the second pass?

    I've never found pre-creams to do much.
  17. @Nickelodeon
    Of course I re-lathered! I always do....
  18. Lol, I seriously dont mean this in an insulting way but how can you call that a shave? It looks like you are trying designer stubble lol. Anyway keep at it and maybe try multiple passes.

    Good luck!
  19. No, it is not the Safety Razor. Out of all of the variables, the razor is the least likely culprit.

    The Lord Tech is pretty well reviewed, and Techs are so basic (and built like a tank) that there is very little that can be wrong with them, as long as the blade sits correctly in the head, and has even blade exposure on both sides.

    The only way to really render a Tech non-serviceable is to repeatedly drop it, causing the metal guard bars to become uneven, and bent.

    This is why vintage Techs that are fairly well worn, still shave perfectly. :thumbup1:
  20. You said that you were using porasso to soften your beard. I've read somewhere that porasso isn't the best for that. You might need to find a product that will do a better job of softening your beard.

    That or like you said get a sharper blade.

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