Restoring Finish of Super Speed Knurling

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  1. Guys,

    Can anyone share their advice on cleaning, polishing and SHINING the fine knurling on 1947-1954 Super Speeds? Have recently obtained several models to feed my addiction and just can't brighten a few even though the rest of the razor cleans up nicely. My '55 SS, with the beefier knurling, shined up really well but along with the texture, its plating seems different than the older models. My cleaning method so far will be familiar to most:

    1. Boil in water 20 minutes
    2. Warm soapy scrub with toothbrush
    3. Toothbrush scrub with MAAS
    4. Repeat 2 & 3 until arms tired. :tongue_sm

    Apologies if subject has been discussed somewhere else. Many happy thanks in advance. :biggrin:
  2. toothpicks?
    I kid, I kid
  3. Help officer, this guy is stalking me!! :scared:
  4. Something that has worked for me is wrapping the toothbrush head with cloth (say old t-shirt), to scrub.
  5. I have picked up three of these lately - and I have found that NevrDull woks really well getting into the nooks and crannies of the knurling. Be prepared to spend some time, but its worth it. I usually do this while watching tv....distracts you from the monotony of cleaning the razors over and over.

  6. Thanks Barry. I tried NevrDull equivalent a bit but probably need to stick with it. Thanks to all who pitched in. Baking soda/boiling water chemistry class + MAAS helped on some. I believe this separates the razors with heavy tarnish (showed improvement) from those with heavy tarnish + plating loss (little or no improvement). Bonus is it cleans up tarnished mirror surfaces nicely...but that fine knurling is a stubborn breed. Next step: polishing wheel on my grinder. Don't worry, will use bum razor. :w00t:
  7. I soaked my '48-'50 SS overnight in a 50% solution of Metalwax cleaner and it came out looking pretty much brand new. My '47 has been soaking for two days and nights. It's looking better, but the grime on it is much more stubborn. I'm assuming it got a lot more use. Many years of grime mixed with the natural oil of human skin. Think I'll pick up some Flitz or NevrDull. Anyone got a preference between those two?
  8. Hey Rick, where did you get your Metalwax and which product(s) do you recommend, so far? Thanks.
  9. I use liquid dish soap with a splash of ammonia with a tooth brush to clean jewelry,I tried it on a red tip,worked great.

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