Restoring a Kamisori

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone had restored a Kamisori. I don't know if I'm just being picky or I'm breaking a rule but I'm trying to give this kamisori a mirror shine.I started with 120grit sandpaper for about half an hour and went up to 400 ( 120,220, 400) and yet the lines are all still there. Is it wrong to try and clean this up? $IMG_1156.jpg $IMG_1157.jpg
  2. its supposed to be that way.........
  3. I knew it. It had a bit of rust on it when i got it from ebay so I thought I could touch it up even more...... thats what I get for being a newb..... no wonder there was a lack of kamisori restoration threads...... now to wait for my coticule to hone this up..
  4. I think it looks sweet. But yeah I think they are suppose to develop a patina.
  5. Kentos

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    You can do whatever you want to it! The lines are still there because you never sanded them out. I think a mirror polished Kami would look cool myself...although the majority are satin finished.
  6. It left today... It was marked "gift" to help with customs...

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