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  1. Has anybody ever ran into a wavy pattern on the blade when buffing using compounds? If so is there a remedy for it?
  2. Legion

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    You mean a wavy pattern in the steel? If so, it could be where the different layers of steel meet from when the billet was forged, similar to Damascus. There would be no way to remove it but it sounds kind of cool. Pictures?

    Edit; After re-reading your post. Or do you mean you are putting the wavy pattern on yourself when buffing?
  3. Yes its IN the steel. It is similiar to damascus. That was my first thought too that it was different layers. Ill try to get a picture posted soon. Thanks for the input.
  4. If that is what it is, why would you want to?
  5. azmark

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    Hmmmm without pictures there's no telling but the only time I've ever seen a wave in a razor is when I was seeing how a razor looks when it looses its temper and ran it on greaseless for a while. Let's just hope it's not that.
  6. I should say the pattern in the steel looks like damascus. The blade is definitely not damascus.
  7. A loss of temper would have a colour change wouldnt it? this just has a pattern in the steel.

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