Respirator fit test at work. This stinks.

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  1. DG disposable, Foamy in a can, warm water. That is all.
  2. Been there! I use to shave in the locker room just before I walked in or at the house before I went in if that was the first thing I was going to do.
  3. Well, I wear some facial hair, so I had to shave it off. I had forgotten we were having it.
  4. Bummer. I wear a CPAP mask for sleep apnea so I have a vague idea how any little whisker would impact the seal of the respirator. Since my device isn't quite so critical as yours I can get by with some leakage, but still have to shave a patch on my chin when I have a beard to keep leaks to tolerable levels.
  5. Bad part is, this is the only time I put a respirator on.
  6. Fit is a major factor affecting respirator health protection performance. No matter how effective the filter cartridges for particles or the adsorption cartridge for vapors, the inherant respirator protection factor is defeated by leaking face/respirator seals. This is why OSHA requires respirator users to be clean shaving and have quantitative fit tests. This is especially true for unpowered respirators where the pressure inside the facepiece is lower than the outside air during inhalation. Powered/airline/compressed air respirators work better because the interior of the facepiece is kept under positive pressure with respect to the outside air and any leakeage that takes place across the skin/facepiece seal is clean air out rather than contaminated air in.

    I also wear a BiPAP for sleep apnea and have this principle reinforced through daily use. For this reason, I shave daily immediately before bed. The shaving and post shave application of aftershave which ensures a clean dry skin surface help prevent leakage of air out of the BiPAP facepiece.

    I have read that widespread daily shaving and the use of the DE razor came about as a military necessity during WWI to ensure that gas masks worked as well as possible during poison gas attacks.
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  7. I'm not following. Is there a layman's explanation?
  8. If you have to use a respirator for work in industry, OSHA requires that you have no facial hair in the areas the mask covers to ensure no leaks. Thus, a goatee or a beard is a big no-no.
  9. i pass them scruffy
  10. You think it's a negative, but it's really a positive. Use this as the impetus to get rid of your facial hair and go clean shaven. On 99% of men, clean shaven looks better anyway. Even if you think you look better with your facial hair, you probably don't.

    Just SHAVE IT!
  11. I don't wear a respirator at work, just once a year for the fit test. SWMBO does not like me clean shaven, nor my daughter, nor myself. It will be back soon. I look Magnum PIish right now. Mustache will go tonight.
  12. I've been asbestos certified for about 15 years but only wear the respirator a couple times a year. I finally got a PAPR this year. What a difference!

    My brother in law forgot to shave before his last fit test and all he got was a cheapie disposable and a dixie cup of cold water!
  13. Well that sounds....terrible
  14. So he tried the controversial cold water shave, then?
  15. Better a Dixie cup of cold water than a Dixie cup of hot water.
  16. Yeah. Plus he's not a regular shaver. He said most of the time he just maintains his stubble with an electric trimmer, so he had a really bad shave. I tried to set him up with a vintage DE, but he wasn't into it.

  17. I get that part..... not sure why he needs to shave with disposable crap? Was it a surprise inspection that they give you the razor at?
  18. Yea sounds like he had to do it at work, and those were the only tools
  19. Bingo. Actually, I had forgotten about it, but same thing.
  20. I'm on vacation with my Chinese Atra, carts and Gillette gel on hand.

    Since I went scuba diving, I had to shave for a good mask seal.

    The shaves were OK and adequate for the purpose, but I sure miss DE shaving.

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