Repro WWII Shaving Travel Kits

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  1. Incase any of you are interested, WWII Service of Supply is making reproduction Gillette Shaving Kits for $15
    that were given to Servicemen in WWII (doesn't include razor or pieces).

    The reason I posted this is I feel (at least for me) it will make a GREAT travel kit for those with Tech and other 3-piece Razors to put into my Dopp kit.

    Here's the link incase your interested: Kits

    $ShavingKit0613b.jpg $ShavingKit0613c.jpg
  2. That's great news to hear. I was thinking of making my own, but didn't really want to take the time with everything else I have going on. Looking for just such a kit. What are they made of Khaki/OD canvas?
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  4. From the webpage:
    " Faithful reproduction of the typical shaving kits given out to soldiers by Gillette and other companies, plus church organizations, advertising companies, the American Red Cross, and many other groups. They gave these to the soldiers in World War I through World War II. Our copy is made with fiberboard, covered in water resistant fabric. The khaki fabric is glued on well, and will take splashing from the sink, although I would not soak it completely underwater! The black elastic bands are securely fastened in, providing a place for razor blades, the head of the double edged razor, and the shaft of the razor. Two fabric flaps go over the insides, and the top is snapped closed. Just over 4" wide, by about 2-1/2 inches. We make them with durable "Baby Dot" snap closures by Scovill, with fabric flaps that fold over and hold the contents in the kit (although the elastic holds them in well)."

    I'm sure the ATT Leather case would be much more expensive (and durable), but I'm sure if you dont throw this thing around it will last many, many years itself. Mine should be here tommorow or Saturday - I'll post a review up on it when I get it.

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