Removing Rust From Safety Razor Blades And Safety Razors

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by elkabon, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. I would like to know. How can i remove Rust from all kinds of Safety Razors and all kinds of Safety Razor Blades?
  2. As far as cleaning up the blades go... that's looking for trouble and a nasty cut. You'll probably do it anyway, so I'm gonna say it: be careful.

    As for the razors, what I have used that works well is a toothbrush and a little Bar Keepers Friend cleanser. Be gentle and be aware that this is an abrasive cleanser so too much elbow grease is not a good thing.

  3. Razors: use a little Maas or Brasso. Joel recommended another polish, but I couldn't find the thread he posted that on, and I can't remember what it was. Maybe he will see this and chime in.

    Blades: If it is an antique, like a three-hole Gillette, and you want to clean it up, see above, but as Rick said, be VERY careful. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother cleaning blades.
  4. CLR metal polish its good 4 aluminium as well.
  5. elkabon,

    Believe it, or not... Coca-Cola will remove rust. You'll have to monitor it to know how long to soak it... but, it will do the trick.

    As for the Saftey Razor Blades... just replace them. Seriously, it's not worth the risk of contracting tetanus.

  6. I just had a little bit on the inside under the blade area (whatever that is called), and I used a toothbrush and a product my wife uses for her cleaning business called "Bang". It cleaned it right up.

    She also has a powerful disinfectant that I sprayed on and let it sit.

  7. With blades it's best to prevent rust by rinsing the razor in the hottest water your tap puts out and then give it a good shake. Or, change brands of blades. Not all of them rust very quickly, if at all.
  8. jbc


    1) get a bucket
    2) get a half gallon of bleach of any brand
    3) put on some rags or some cloths you don't care about
    4) Put on some rubber gloves
    5) Throw the razor and the blades into the bucket in step one.
    6) Let it soak for twenty-four hours
    7) Put on items in three and four again and pull out the razor and blades.

    Items will stink like the bleach but the rust will be history.
  9. Hi;

    Be really careful about using bleach on razors, most bleaches will work like peroxide and will oxidize/rust a razor in minutes, and the damage cannot be reversed. Using CLR, LimeAway, or a bathroom cleaner like Scrubbing Bubbles (all have already been mentioned) is much safer.


  10. So an hour in Coca Cola or less?

    Also, would you need to scrub?
  11. I got some razors in the mail today, a GEM and a Tech ball handle. Both have light rust. I've done my regular cleaning routine. A relative was here and had bought some Diet-Coke. Good thing! I just read "Diet Coke contains the most phosphoric acid, which is the active rust-eating ingredient." I put the razors in a disposable cup, poured in the Diet-Coke and am letting it sit for a few hours. Hopefully it works! Otherwise I'll try regular Coca-Cola. :w00t:
  12. Gems and Techs don't rust, they're made of brass. So I'm not sure what you're doing to those poor razors, but you're not ridding them of rust.

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