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  1. Does anyone here reload his blade dispensers? This would involve removing a bunch of new blades from their paper wrappers and working them into the slide-out case. Or is that much blade handling likely to damage their edges?

    I know... it might not seem a reasonable thing to do, but who here can't be accused of at least one unreasonable habit where shaving is involved? :001_rolle I just think there might be some satisfaction in pushing the blade out, hooking the center bar of the razor, and pulling the case away as the blade settles into place with its muted rattling.
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    The metal Gillette ones pop open and you can set them in.

    I've not done it too often though. I'd rather unwrap blades when I have spare time and have a safe dispenser than fumble with one in the morning before my coffee sets in.

    I usually just change my blade on Sunday.

    I wouldn't reload a dispenser like pictured or a plastic one unless it comes apart. I could picture the blade losing it's edge. Most older dispensers are spring loaded too and are one way. I doubt you'd be able to slide one back in easily..

    A Feather or Derby extra might be easy to reload. They're pretty simple plastic. Not as substantial as an old Spoiler or Blue Blade one though. :wink2:
  3. who here can't be accused of at least one unreasonable habit where shaving is involved?

  4. Really? The spoiler and PP ones open up?
  5. I thought that it was only the Schick dispensers that could be reused.
  6. Hey, just did it (again) an hour ago. I moved a tuck of AsSPlats into a plastic dispenser. I don't see how doing this could affect my shave. I.e., it hasn't done so yet and I have no reason to stop doing this.

    The cardboard cartons I leave in the hall closet and the dispensers I keep in the medicine chest ready for use.
  7. :lol:
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    The top is crimped around the back on each side. The cover of the used blade compartment might fall off.

    Give it an extra bend before replacing as you will inevitably loosen it a bit removing it.

    I've done it several time. Inside there are four strips of metal that may need a nudge upwards. They act as springs to feed blades up towards the opening when slid.

    Good luck!
  10. All of the old metal Gillette dispensers are really easy to open up. Just be careful about bending the sides as you do it.

    The only thing is, I doubt it work very well if the blades have glue spots on them. The blades that originally came in those dispensers had a very light coating of oil that allowed them to slide out easily. You may find it's more trouble than it's worth even if you use blades that don't have the glue spots.
  11. Yea, the wilkinson ones would probably work well enough. Although you can't beat those metal gillette ones for nostalgia factor :thumbup1:
  12. *My first post*

    Ok, so I just did this to put Wilkinson blades in an ASR dispenser to hook the blades on a '49 Super Speed.

    For your exact kind of blade dispenser:

    1) There are four little plastic hooks holding the used blade compartment and the dispenser mechanism together (two on each end). Push the two hooks on one end back with a small screwdriver or similar object, then push back the hooks on the other end. At this point the two sections of the dispenser should be separated.

    2) Now that the dispenser mechanism is free, push out the sides holding the metal piece that holds the blades down until you can pull the metal piece off.

    3) Once you have the metal piece off, you are free to unwrap about 15 blades (mine held 5 originally, but about 15 will fit back in it). You need to arrange the blades so that they can be pushed out to alternating sides, just like the directions on the bottom of the front say. For example, the first blade needs to be hooked on the center piece and the left piece, the second blade on the center and right pieces, the third blade on the center and left, and so on.

    (It's a good idea to keep track of the markings of the blades so you can tell what orientation they're going to be in to judge what direction to push them out. For the Wilkinson blades, the logo sits closer to the side that they will slide out on.)

    4) Lastly, put the metal part back under the two ledges that hold it in on top of your new blades, and snap the dispenser mechanism back into the used blade compartment.

    There you have it. Enjoy a lifetime of use with your American Safety Razor blade dispenser. I really do like hooking it on that little bar that much too.

    I hope it works for you and good luck!
  13. one thing that always bothered me about the dispensers.... does the blade scrape against the sides when pushing one out??? always wondered about that.
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    Great question! I'm also interested in the answer.
  15. Nope, the slotted center of the blade rides along a track to keep it centered as you're pushing it out.
  16. Here's an update to an old thread. I just reloaded my Gillette Super Stainless Steel blade dispenser with 11 Wilkinson swords, and 3 Personna Blues. Originally mine had 5 blades inserted when new. It took 14 easily and I left it at that. It went back together easily. When I first took it apart I used no tools, I just used my fingers to gently take one of the rolled side edges loose and then I was able to unhook the other side and then the used blade holder just fell away. It's held above the rolled edges by it's small four tab's. Great way to put a dispenser back to use and use up some unpackaged blades I had in a baggy in my dopp kit.


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