Reliable place to buy vintage watches without overpaying?

Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by kingfisher, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. OK, watch afficionados, help me out, please. I love vintage watches, particularly those from the late 50s and early to mid-60s. I know there are lots of places on line to buy such watches, but I'm wondering if you can steer me to a good site where the selection is good, the prices are fair, and I can expect to receive a watch that is in the condition described.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I have two fine watches, and I bought both on ebay: an IWC Mark XII (world's most beautiful watch) and a Cartier Santos quartz (no slouch either). Both were excellent bargains and I'm perfectly happy with them. I did nothing more than take the normal ebay precautions. Mostly, carefully checking the seller's feedback. If the seller is a professional, with hundreds of sales of upscale expensive watches and a near 100% rating, you are really quite safe, IMHO.
  3. I purchased a vintage 1960's Omega Seamaster from European Watch Company several months ago. They were very friendly and helpful. I probably could have found a similar watch to the one I purchased for a lower price if I really looked around, but knowing I received an authentic watch from a reputable business justified the higher price in my book.

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