Refilling a Pilot Varsity

Discussion in 'The Nib' started by ryeblade, Mar 7, 2012.

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    There are other methods of refilling Varsity pens without doing that, I will try to find one for you when I return later this evening.

    Maybe a fellow member has had better success than me but I just pulled out the nib/feed and used an eyedropper, the back cap is of no use.
  3. I used the method given here on two Varsities from my seven pack which had colors I didn't want (pink and red). Worked very easily, and I was able to use a regular eyedropper. Removing the paint from the barrel as this guy did isn't necessary; I tried it on one, and it looks pretty rough now.
  4. nemo

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    Exactly how I did it except my fingers are *so* strong I don't need pliers.

    Pliers on nibs are never a good thing, even on a Varsity.

  5. That would make a great custom title.
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    +1 :lol:

  7. I will try this and report back. Thanks all for the advice and perhaps to the Mod who propted response
  8. Yup, the nib/feed do pull out with needlenose pliers. It does 'snap' back into place after clean & refill.
    Other forums reported this was not possible so I didn't even try perhaps risking having to wear a HazMat suit for inking up. Admittedly I did not do an exhaustive search.
    There is no mention here of need for silicone grease. Is the pressure fit as good as new or do cautions now exist for other than desk use?
  9. I think they are ok writers, but I just don't understand why anyone would want to do it. I think it just is too risky to wind up with a leaking pen. Perhaps for desktop use, but I have some much more enjoyable pens for about the same price that are easier to refill. Like my Serwex that I just got for a couple of bucks.

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