Red Wings Iron Ranger boots?

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  1. I saw these today online and fell in love with them, but no local Red Wings dealers have them in stock for me to see. I love them so much I am considering a blind buy (which is HUGE for me because they are expensive). Does anyone have these and how do you like them? Pictures would be great, also.
  2. Those are VERY nice boots. If you are unsure you can order them on Zappos, if you don't like them they'll ship them back for free.
  3. Damn you and your sensible advice!!!

    Seriously, I wasn't happy about buying them online because all the reviews said buy them smaller and they're so expensive, but zappos has free shipping both ways, so I bought a size smaller and a half size smaller. I called all the Red Wings stores around to try to find a pair to try on for size and none of them had a single pair in stock, regardless of color. I even checked Nordstroms and everything. I'll try them on and wear each for a bit around the house and send back the one that doesn't fit.
  4. Jim

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    Very nice! Thank goodness they are out of my size.
  5. I wear a 10EE in most shoes (NB, Asics, modern Red Wings). However, the Iron Rangers, Gentleman Traveler's and 877's all fit me different.

    The 877 [​IMG] fits me perfect in a 10D.

    The Gentleman Travelers [​IMG] fit me well in a 9D, maybe even a little loose in the toe box. Very weird for my wide foot.

    The Iron Rangers fit me well in a 9 1/2 D but a 9 may have been even better.

    In part it's due to the fact that these all come with no modern insole, just the traditional leather pad that shoes used to have. I'd never experienced this before and read everywhere that I should "buy the size shoe you usually do and add the insole; things will feel just right." Not true. I was cursed with a foot that actually prefers this basic leather insole for whatever reason. Even if I did add one I don't think a 10 would even come close to working on the GT or the Iron Rangers.

    CliffsNotes version: use Zappos or someone with free returns if possible.

    P.S. If I had to pick one boot for the rest of my life I'd go with the 877's. That crepe sole makes them as soft as my tennis shoes.
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    I have a couple of pairs of RedWings and the Iron Rangers do get plenty of wear. Mine are in suede because I wanted something a little different but the others that I have seen look great as well. The cork sole is very comfortable and they are great boots. Good luck with yours!
  7. Thanks for all the advice. How sad is it that I justified these to myself based on the logic that they'll match my new saddleback belt almost perfectly. I told my wife to talk me out of them and she said "you have a job, get what you like. I think you really need those."
  8. I have tried 2 diffrent pairs of RW's and hated them both. I guess im just stuck on the old Justin's
  9. I love them.I wear them more than anything else.
  10. Wow Buddydog! I cannot WAIT until mine look like that. They shipped today, so I'm hoping they will be here on Monday.
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    Awwwwwwwwww great.

    Now I want some.

    Thanks. :sneaky2:
  12. Oh my gosh. Red Wings are $500 here in Sweden!!! Anybody wanna buy a pair for me and send them here? =P
  13. Is the insole in these boots the same type that were in the english made Doc's?
  14. I'm not sure, but I think you can order them from Zappos (where I got mine) and have them shipped there MUCH cheaper than that. They also have them on Amazon and many other places.
  15. I really love mine. They're virtually all I wear anymore and they just get better and better.

    Here are mine


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    I love my redwing boots...check out obenauf's for what I use to protect them...I am loathe to oil them up with anything less...:lol:
  17. Yea, I recommend sizing down one size with the Iron Rangers. I normally wear a 12 wide, but 11 wide fits perfectly. And for those of you that are thinking of buying them, keep in mind that they can have a fairly long break-in period. They're now one of the most, if not THE most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever had.

    For mine, I use neatsfoot, then Meltonian shoe cream, then Lincoln, alternating between Marine Cordovan and Dark Brown. It's worked very well for me. It's easy enough to condition the leather, of course, but putting a decent initial shine on them is a real PITA!
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    I would ask for a insole shot from someone who wears these, please.

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