Red Imps/Magnetic?

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  1. Ok. So, I own 4 Red imps all Case 132's..1 is an NOS 6/8, 1 is an NOS 9/16, 1 is a used 5/8, and the other a 6/8 that was honed down to 5/8 to straighten the edge .I also owned an NOS Morris 133 5/8 hat I sold, because I like the wedges..Anyhow, out of 5 imps that I have or have had, one of them, the original 5/8 Case 132, is Magnetic......So apparently the steel on the Case Imps is not all the same......Is there any benefit or liability to Magnetic Steel?
  2. It have probably just been magnetized by a strong magnet, some steels can also be magnetized by being knocked if you hit with the right force.

    As far as I know there are no benefits with a magentic razor.
  3. i have a magnetized razor, it is quite unsettling to see another blade whack up against it or hold on as you take out the magnetized one...
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    It must be really problematic for braces wearers and those with metal plates in the face.
  5. Find a TV repair shop and ask if they will be willing to use their degaussing (dee-gawzing or dee-gowsing) coil on it.
  6. With the advent of $ 200 disposable Chinese flat screens, There are still TV repair shops?
  7. Some.... They're usually general mom & pop appliance stores, often a Kirby dealer.
    The trick is finding one with an old-timer still working there that will know how to use the coil.

    Guarantee that 90% of these little shops have one hanging on the shop wall.

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