Red Death: the Shot that's also a Drink

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  1. My friend Stephanie introduced me to this drink.. er shot.. well I do it as a shot, she has the bartender make it in a pint glass and drinks it as a regular cocktail :biggrin1:

    Red Death AKA Liquid Panty Remover
    Basically its a Kamikaze and an Alabama Slammer mixed together, so:
    1oz Vodka
    1oz Triple Sec
    1oz Lime Juice

    3/4oz Amaretto
    3/4oz Southern Comfort
    3/4oz Sloe Gin

    Shake all ingredients with ice: strain into shot glasses or pour into a pint glass and enjoy: Tastes like Red fruit punch, no alcohol taste, great in the summer
  2. I love Kamikazes scaled up to a full size drink, but the only time I had an Alabama Slammer it wasn't to my liking. Of course my wife made the AS, and she isn't real fond of doing crazy things like measuring ingredients, so I am sure that didn't help.

    I'll give this a shot!

    Dave :ihih:
  3. Hell, I'm in even without the OJ.
  4. A cocktail with a name you cannot mention in mixed company is likely a poor cocktail.
  5. Why can't you mention Red Death?

    or did you mean the AKA part? I suppose that should have been in parantheses as I meant it more as a joke (high alcohol content, Easy to drink)
  6. I think I would be passed out from just one of those.

  7. I was refering to the AKA part, though there are no shortage of similar name types that are poor drinks.
  8. different strokes I s'pose:biggrin1: wouldn't order it at a client lunch or when meeting someone for the first time, but I did put quite a few of these away with the bridal party at my brother's wedding.

    I have some very memorable moments thanks to this drink and others like it:thumbup:
  9. If you can remember them you were doing it wrong.

  10. truth.
  11. I think the red death is a NJ shore drink, and I dont mean the show. Some drinks are only known by their geographical origin. I was once in Texas and asked for a drink at a bar and the girl looked at me like I had 3 heads.
    I then told her what was in it and she knew it by a different name. I would bet your friend is from NJ.
  12. Nope-- Florida born and raised, just like me... but that was the same reaction I got at bars... blank stare and "you want a what?"

    Thats why I posted the recipe--trying to make the world a slightly more enjoyable place for us all:biggrin1:

    EDIT: But the bartender that she got it from first (or the guy that ordered it for her the first time) may have been a NJ native....
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