Recommended setting for a Gillette slim for first shave?

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  1. Hey guys, any recommendations for what setting to use on the super slim I picked up today? (pics to come) I'll be using it with gilette blue blades (I picked up 10 and am willing to share with people) I have about a month of experience on a merkur 33c right now and can readily get BBS shaves with that
  2. I would start with 5 and take it from there.
  3. Are the blue blades vintage? If so, make sure you check for rust as these are carbon steel. I've tried one just recently and it was good WTG. It started getting tuggy XTC and ATG. Give it a shot and let us know how it works out.
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  4. I think I started on 4 with mine before moving up.
  5. 4 would be good, since you are already shaving with a DE. Try a couple of shaves before messing with the setting. Kick it up or down 1 or 2 notches and try it a couple more days.

    The Blue Blades are okay but not as good as most new blades. And they don't give you very many shaves. Make sure that yours have no rust! The Blue Blades are cool to have, but meh for shaving. You would be better off with walmart wilkinsons.
  6. I use a 5 setting for my first pass and second pass (WTG-XTG or WTG-WTG), and then dial down to a 1 or 2 for my ATG pass.
  7. I would start on a 4 or 5 depending on the blade. I think that's an average setting.
    When I'm trying a blade I've never tried before, I go to 3. I find that's a very safe setting on this razor where you can really check out the blade, still get a good shave but not kill yourself if the blade is a bummer. 1 or 2 does almost nothing to my face.
  8. I wonder what setting on Slim corresponds the aggressiveness of Lord L6.
  9. 3 or even 2 for the first run with the slim.

    Ensure you give it that nice extra quarter turn twist to really lock the doors down.

  10. I use a 5 but YMMV
  11. You say slim and then super slim. Do you mean super adjustable or slim (black handle or chrome handle)?

    If you have a slim (chrome) set it to 4.

    If you have a super adjustable (black) set it to 5

    These settings will closely approximate your 33c as far as blade exposure. You can move up and down from there.
  12. Slim set on 8 has a blade gap of 1.04 mm

    Lord 6 has a blade gap of 1.09 mm

    Slim set on 9 has a blade gap of 1.14 mm
  13. Thanks Turtle. Had no idea Lord L6 is that aggressive. Maybe that's why I get more irritation when shaving with Slim - I set it too mild.
  14. My first DE shave and also first shave with a Fat Boy... I set it on 9.

    Don't do that to yourself. At least not on the first shave.
  15. I agree with most here. 4 or 5 would approximate the 33C and give you a good shave.
  16. I started shaving with the Slim when you could get them in any pharmacy. Setting 3 - 5 for starting out. Try the Blue Blades if you want, there is a reason why they started disappearing from store shelves when stainless blades came out. I would start with new or vintage stainless. I use a setting of 7 and prefer Feather blades.
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  17. Tried first shave at 5 with one of my stainless Big Bens. First pass WTG I almost couldn't feel and yet I got everything, XTG got a little bit of burn and ATG I just couldn't do it even after turning the razor down to 2. I had to break out the merkur to finish the ATG pass because I couldn't take it anymore

    Funny though, with the merkur I always feel like I'm flirting with bloodshed when I work across my upper lip and around my mouth (I'm least nervous about ATG with the merkur), as long as I was going WTG with the slim it just felt like I could do no wrong and it couldn't possibly cut me. I look forward to practicing more with it!
  18. my technique is to use my super adjustable at 9 for my first pass, then switch to an R89 to finish....alhtough at times I will run 9 and 6 just on the adjustable
  19. I did my 1st shave with a gillette adjustable at 3, and then I upped it to 4.
    Today I did an ATG at 7 and I could feel the aggressiveness.
  20. I start on 7 WTG and XTG, go down to 2 for ATG

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