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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by DavidB, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Can anybody recommend a pipe lighter with built-in pipe tamper or other pipe tools? I've seen several on Amazon and other places, but not sure which brands are worthwhile.

    I have a zippo pipe lighter and several sets of pipe tools, but am looking for something all in one.

  2. That would depend on your price range.
  3. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    The Xikar Pipeline has a tamper stored in the body. They are very highly regarded. One will run you about $50-60.
  4. The Xikar Resource lighter is an angled flame lighter with a couple of fold out tools.
  5. I'm a novice pipe smoker, but long-time user of lighters in a variety of environments. I'm not a big fan of piezo-ignition, they aren't nearly as durable as flint-and-wheel, and considering the money, I'd hesitate to buy one for frequent use with a pipe. The Corona Old Boy is a top-tier lighter(~$120), with all of what you want. There is a "knock-off" that's gotten good reviews, and appears to be basically the same lighter for ~2/3 the cost of the Old Boy (~$80). If you look, you can find an Old Boy on the bay, Etsy, etc., for $50 and send it to Music City Marketing along with $9 and get it factory refurbed(where mine is, at the moment). Daily, I use a Nimrod Commander, but it doesn not have the built in tamper.:wink2:
  6. Knowing this forum, I think you're going to get a lot of Old Boy suggestions ;)
  7. +1, and best warranty around.
  8. Since I have a hard time keeping up with Czech tools I will be checking out all of these suggestions. I am less apt o lose a lighter
  9. Fixed that for you.
  10. nortac

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    Love my Old Boy, the included tamper works OK, but I prefer a separate tamper or 3 in 1 tool. If you separate the tamper from the Old Boy, it doesn't have much heft to it, if I leave it attached to the lighter, it just seems awkward to me, YMMV. I like a separate tool of some kind.
  11. ctr


    Old Boy. I too prefer a separate tamper. I've owned 2, the only one I still have is a Rodgers tool. Nicely made. I opted for a Peterson lighter rather than the Old Boy. It's a nice lighter.
  12. I've put away my Czech tool since I got the old boy. It's an all in one pipe lighting and tamping machine and I'm in love. My opinion anyway. Glad to see the old boy get some love. Highly recommended.
  13. Another vote for the Old Boy. I will admit, however, that I only use the built in pipe tool in my Old Boy when I don't have anything else handy. I prefer to use a Czech tool or a pipe nail, but the tamper in the Old Boy definitely does the job.
  14. Whiskey Badger

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    Just put a check tool on your keychain. It will always be handy and if you lose it you have bigger things to worry about than a lost tamper. Granted I don't do this myself so maybe my theory is way off.
  15. Well I ordered an Old Boy today. Should be here by Saturday. I figure between this and my zippo, I won't ever have to buy another combustion apparatus again.

  16. Very nice Andrew! Are the prices on them better in Japan? That's the same version that I have and I absolutely love it.
  17. nortac

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    " I won't ever have to buy another....."

    This is B&B you're talking to. Those words have no meaning here! LOL enjoy your Old Boy!
  18. It was 80 shipped. It was the cheapest model, some of them were upwards of 200!'re right. You know you're right haha
  19. 80 shipped is a pretty good deal for an Old Boy! I paid $100 shipped for mine. That was the cheapest I could find one for at the time.
  20. If this thing doesn't meet my expectations, I'm blaming Derrick!

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