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  1. I'm looking to get a Streamlight. I want something that is battery powered & all it does is turn on & off I don't need a buch of different settings of candle power. I don't want a rechargeable light either.

    What do you gents recommend?

  2. The Streamlight Nano lives on my keychain and is just the thing for a tiny light that you can forget about until you need it. It's plenty bright for my purposes, inexpensive and easy to replace. I've given them out as gifts to a number of people.
  3. It isn't 100% what you asked, but I always refer people to the Fenix product line. They offer great lights at reasonable prices and I've used one on duty for several years.
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    +1 for Fenix. An LD 20 is close by me always.
  5. I am looking for a flashlight that only clicks on & off. I don't need noe do I want different brightness levels or strobeing.
  6. If your looking for a bright light, I own and recommend the TL-2, Polytac, or Stinger. All can be gotten in LED(which I prefer), last about 5 hours, and use 2 cr123s. The Scorpion I have is an older incandecesent model that did good duty for about 10yrs before I went to the TL-2 which almost triples the run time. The Polytac is just as bright and a little lighter but doesn't have the pocket clip, and I still think metal is more durable. My favorite is the TL-2 which I use daily at work.

    I also have and use two rechargable Stingers but they are a bit big and you said you were not interested in rechargable.

    No matter which model you get they are a great light and every one I have owned has been solid.

  7. I think that Mako72 has some good suggestions. Beyond those, and depending on what other criteria you're using, you may wish to look at a Surefire G2X Tactical. I carried the previous model G2 with me every day for a year in Iraq and it came out of the deployment working (and looking) as good as the day I bought it.
  8. This SIPIK flashlight is an incredible value. It's a basic AA light but feels very substantial in the hand. It's got an on/off button switch and a sleeve that adjusts the beam from flood to straight. It doesn't have the Streamlight name but for under $10 shipped it's very durable.

  9. What size are you looking for and what do you need it for?
  10. I need it to go from my house to my car at 4 AM as well as inspection of body panels at work. I need something that is better than the company provides. I would also use it for when I am out camping.

  11. Ill 2nd the Fenix line, I use them for work every day. Had the same one on my belt for over a year now and it never failed me. Pd30 and 31 both are great.
  12. +1 on Fenix.
    The different levels and strobing are optional. The lights work just fine as a "click on click off" without having to mess with anything.

    I honestly don't even remember how to change the modes on my hand held lights. I keep one in my work truck plus a 4-AA headlight, plus additional 2-AA lights in my personal truck, wife's Rav4, and one in the bedroom.

    I don't think any of the quality tactical lights are made for only on-off operation.
    Costco has some cool units, but they aren't likely to be any higher quality than what is provided by your company.
  13. I love my Stinger LED. It's perfect size for me. It is rechargeable, with a 110 wall plug, or 12v adapter (both included.) It also comes with two batteries. It's very bright (180 lumens) and is adjustable in three levels, and offers a strobe function. The construction is very solid. I think they may be a bit high on price, but I don't know that much about flashlights. I can't imagine the need for much more. I did work with a guy who ordered some 1,200 Lumen light front eBay, and that was a huge pile :)
  14. The strobe function on the Fenix is good to know.
  15. Any major size limitations? Plain on/off and bright can be as simple as a 3 D-cell Maglight with the newer LED style bulbs, but they're huge and MUCH brighter than their older counterparts. I like it for camping since it also doubles as a self defense item.

    Small and tactical, I like the Fenix PD30. About the size of a roll of quarters, both dim and bright settings, simple to use butt end push button, and can stand up on its own. Just make sure to get the CR123A batteries here. Local stores will charge you $2-$5 apiece. The Titanium branded ones are nice at $1 each and work great.
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  16. A Streamlight PolyTac is going to give you the most bang for your buck. Mine has a super bright LED. I also EDC a microstream LED. A VERY nice light for a single AAA battery.
  17. Picked up an Olight T20 today. ME GUSTA!!!
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    $Stream lites 001.jpg $Stream lites 002.jpg

    Here are the two Streamlights I own. The larger is a TwinTask 2D cell Light. The second, and smaller is a StreamLight TwinTask 2L, which takes 2 CR123A 3V. Lithium batteries, which can be found on line for very reasonable prices. Both are work horses, and are quality flashlights which won't break the bank. I buy most of my batteries on line at I have several other flashlights, but always seem to grab one of these two....

  19. Nice choice!

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