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  1. I like large razors - razors that some would refer to as "meat choppers" or "axes". The biggest razor that I have in my collection is a Heljestrand No 134, and as far as I know this is about as big as they come... I enclose a picture with (from top to bottom) a Heljestrand No 134, a Filarmonica No 14 and a Wade & Butcher (The Celebrated).
    Please let me see some other really BIG razors! ;-)
  2. It would be nice to see a dollar or coin next to them because its hard for me to tell how big they are.
  3. Wow, that CVH looks huge!!!!
  4. I wouldnt mind getting my hands on this monster.

    9/8 Livi

  5. I consider 'meat choppers' to be 7/8+, wedge or near wedge grind, and usually sheffields, but ymmv.

    Here are a few of my newer bigguns'

  6. I saw this in a display window in Rome, or maybe it was bigger that 9/8?
    I can't imagine how one could shave with that.
  7. As you requested (the blade is about 26 mm wide, that is just over an inch)
  8. Oh, and here are mine....
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    I have quite a few 7/8 and 8/8, but they are all dwarfed by this beast. It is a 16/15 GB razor.

  10. [​IMG]

    Picked this up a few days ago, haven't gotten around to polishing it up. Been considering getting a pro to do it. It's a 17/16ths Geo Westenholm & son.
  11. Here are some of my bigger ones. I think only one of my big guys is not shown in this photo (8/8 Savage Wedge with Masonic Etch... under much staining). You don't really get an idea of the size, but the smallest one is the 7/8 Friodur in the fancy scales, and the largest is the just over 8/8 Greaves in bone "below" it. They go from the Greaves to the Friodur in size order.

    In case anyone cares, they are: Greaves wedge, Savage wedge, W&B Barber's use wedge, John Marsh wedge, W&B Barber's use follow, Savage (reground to hollow), Filly 14, Joseph Smith & Son's wedge, Greaves quarter hollow, Friodur. When I say "wedge," I mean fuller than quarter hollow, but not a true wedge.
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  12. All of a sudden I'm feeling very small:blushing:
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    I have a few 13/16 but nothing bigger. The 13/16 do shave better. I will post some pictures later!
  14. I really appreciate the pictures you have posted so far, so here are some more of my razors (size 6/8 and bigger). I hope you will like them...
  15. RW "Titan" 9/8+ and an F. Herder 15/16. The RW was just sold and the F. Herder is in my "estate" collection as in Ill never sell it. Lastly, I got a 8/8 WB Wedge on the way.
  16. Wow, the shadow on the RW made it look like it was ground like a 16th century halberd for a second. My eyes were about to bleed over how cool that was. Still a beautiful razor, but damn that was awesome for a second.
  17. I noticed the same thing and was thinking it was one very wicked blade until I realized it was just the reflection of the blue cloth on the blade. Well, it still is a pretty wicked blade even without being shaped like a halberd. :scared:
  18. I tried several 7/8 & 8/8 razors in my first six months of straight shaving, but eventually went back to the 6/8 ones. I found the larger blades less manuverable (and therefore less enjoyable) to shave with. YMMV, as always
  19. I remember a few months back someone posted images of a 12/8 razor (or at least, it certainly looked it)
  20. I like 'em big too!!!

    8/8 Revisor


    7/8 Henckels X 2



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