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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by AJS, Jun 14, 2006.

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    I was looking at the Muehle website, and being fed up with my plastic ziplock storage bowl that I use for lather, decided to peruse the accessories section to see if I could find a better replacement. There is a stoneware bowl that has an inside diameter of 9cm and is 5.7 cm tall; I would like to know if people think that this is a good size or is it a bit too small?
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  2. I have two stoneware bowls that I use to whip up lather, both made by Corningware and purchased at the local grocery store (The Real Canadian SuperStore - though I am sure that they would be available at Wallmart and many other retailers). The smaller bowl has a diameter of about 10.5cm and is about 4cm deep (inside - with about another 2.5 cm of non-usable height for a total height of about 6.5cm). The larger bowl is about the same height (maybe 0.2cm taller) and about 16cm in diameter. I do find the larger bowl to be a little easier to use... though, with some practice I am finding the smaller bowl better and better each time that I use it.

    For something with a 9-10cm diameter I wouldn't want to be using a big brush, but for my brush (about 22mm knot, I think) I think it is fine. If you have doubts, well, perhaps you should consider picking up a small Corningware stoneware bowl (like mine - actually, you can see it here) to see if it will be a useful size for you. The price of my smaller bowl was about $4, so it isn't a big investment.
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    I have never been good at visualising distances and measurements, so when I got my tape measure out and saw what 9cm looks like I realised it was a little small for my needs. I don't suppose you know of a European, preferably British, distributor for Corningware.
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  4. Alex,

    I'm afraid that I don't know of any European distributers, however you may want to check out the corningware website (you may be able to contact them and see if there are European distributors). I would suggest that you go to the same store where you or your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister/whatever might purchase inexpensive dishes... look in the sections where you would find mixing-bowls and where you would find tupperware-type containers. You should be able to find some brand of relatively inexpensive stoneware there. Good luck :smile: .
  5. Can't you find a soup bowl or large coffee mug or similar at any retail store that might sell such things. Here in the States that would be Target, K-mart, Marshall Fields, etc... I use a large coffee mug that was a freebie back in college - emblazoned with my alma mater and everything. I don't think you really need anything special to build lather although thicker/heavier (like stoneware) will retain the heat a bit better. -- Dennis
  6. Dennis,

    You are quite right - you don't need anything special to whip up a nice lather in... but I like the look of my stoneware bowls, and given the Corningware brand, they aren't much more expensive than a mug (though a little more expensive than your free mug). I guess it is a case of to each his own (and to me everything else :tongue_sm )
  7. Yup, I understand perfectly... I guess I was just ruminating on the point about commercial "shave bowls" in general. Unless it is a specialty item (a scuttle) or a special crock with a cover, a bowl is a bowl is a bowl. :biggrin:
  8. The smallest size stainless steel catfood bowl, in the pet section at Walmart, works fine for creams. It's a bit expensive though; cost me all of $0.97 plus tax! Another option is the nickel plated, imported Italian one (that looks an awful lot like my Walmart bowl) from Classicshaving for $30. I agree. A bowl is a bowl is a bowl!!! It seems once something is called a "shaving bowl", the price automatically leaps skyward, no matter how ordinary the bowl.


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