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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by Scotto, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    Good Citizens,

    As with most topics, at B&B we are blessed with people passionate about coffee and tea. In response to this, we recently created a new sub-forum, "The Brewhouse," where we can all kick back and discuss that great cup of tea or coffee, brewing devices and paraphernalia, or other highly-caffeinated topics of interest.

    Since there is potentially some opportunity for confusion with beer, we would like to change the forum name to something more distinctive. What better source of creative ideas than the B&B membership itself! With this in mind, we would like to announce the "Re-name the Brewhouse" contest. Here is how it will work:

    • The contest will run until October 17 12:00 EST
    • Add your idea for a forum title to this thread. There are no limits to how many times you can enter.
    • Each post should include just your suggestion to make it easier for us to sort through
    • The moderators will review each entry and choose their favorite one
    • The lucky winner will receive a gift of home roasted coffee from Scotto (assuming CONUS, given freshness issues), or some other goodie in the case of a winner outside the US, as well as the personal satisfaction of having their stamp on B&B forever.
  2. Starbrocks (brock being an old word for badger...)
  3. "Badger, Beans, and Leaves"


    "The Wired Badger"


    "Wake up and smell the Badger"
  4. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    Caffeine Nation

    Caffeine Corner

    If I win, I'll donate the prize for some other contest that we hold in the forum.
  5. Completely stolen from a local roaster, but how about:

    The Steep & Brew

    Simple and to the point
  6. Toodlepip's Palace of Pekoe
    The Roasthouse
    The Sippin' Cup
    Toodlepip's Tower of Tea
    The Nescafe (sorry, couldn't resist)
    The Demitasse
    The Half Calf
  7. Brouhaha & Blade

    Badger & Brouhaha

    Badger & Brew

    B & B & B



    The Mughouse

    The Gentleman's Mug

    The Gentleman's Cup
  8. Honey and Foam
    Caffeine and Cream
    The Grindhouse
    Looseleafs and Lattes
  9. The Sip 'n' Shave

    1300 posts! wooohoo!
  10. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    I already offered Teatime With Toodlepip, but it doesn't include coffee.........
  11. Mug-Shot Acres
  12. "Brews Beans and Leaves" (play on the Eats shoots and leaves...)

    "Hebrews" (proof from the Bible that men make better coffee :biggrin1:)

    "The Intended Use of Your Mug..."

    "Press and Steep"

    more to come...
  13. B&B's Coffee & Tea
  14. The Bean and Leaf


    The Leaf and Bean
  15. C8H10N4O2

    The jitters
    the shaky mug
    the daily grind
    twitching whiskers
    dripped, steeped, and otherwise
  16. The Jitter Room.
  17. Great idea. Especially since I'm the one who got it confused!

    Can't think of anything off the top of my head. I'll be back.
  18. "Coffee, Tea, or Me?"

    What the hell, I mean B&B needs a personals section, too... right?
  19. The Caffinators

    De' Caffinators :lol:
  20. The Hot Mug

    The Steamy Mug

    The Mug
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