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  1. I saw Leisureguy's blog before I bought my gear.

    I skimmed through it, thinking I was absorbing it. I knew enough to be dangerous by the time my gear showed up from classicshaving.

    I had superior shaves for 6 weeks straight.

    then the temperature dropped below zero and we had a blizzard. (Indiana today)

    with all of the outdoor shoveling, cold air, and REALLY dry hot air indoors, I started getting crappy shaves.

    I revistited the leisureguy's blog, and man, there is so much stuff in there I didn't catch.

    so, this is a tribute to the Leisureguy and his blog.

    N00B's like myself, go to this link:


    read it again.

    I didn't really know the alum came before the aftershave balm or splash.
    I didn't know the coral skin food was a pre-shave

    I've become much more familiar with names like C&E, truefitt and hill, taylor's, etc. now the blog REALLY makes sense.

    read it again.

    BTW, I feel honoured the leisureguy agrees with my blade assessments.

    thank you leisureguy. I'm not sure how many blogviews you get, but I'm sure you influence a LOT of people.:badger: :clap: :clap:
  2. :blushing: Thank you very much. And it may be that you didn't catch it the first time because it wasn't there---I continue to add and revise as I learn things, including learning new questions that arise in the forums. Just today, for example, I added a bit about what constitutes a "good" lather and how to achieve that, and now that the weather's gone all cold and dry in the Midwest (cold thanks to winter, dry thanks to central heating), I'm going to add some stuff about moisturizing shaving stuff---e.g., Mitchell Wool Fat Shaving Soap and some Nancy Boy preparations.

    Blog hits: an average of around 1100-1200 per day (though 1450 today). Hits on "gourmet shaving": around 200-300 a day (289 today). I do at least one shaving post a day, and I pick up some readers from WordPress itself who click on the "shaving" category and see a whole list of posts from me. :001_smile

    The Coral Skin Food, BTW, is normally a post-shave thing, but Dr. Moss did discover that it made a good pre-shave (YMMV, of course).

    Keep shaving, and thank you for the kind words.
  3. I'd also like to send along my appreciation for Leisure Guy's blog. It was in fact the very first source of wet shaving knowledge I was fortunate enough to stumble upon. I'm the type of guy who likes to read a lot and gather a great deal of detail before trying anything new, so the blog was perfect. Packed with good information that was practical and informative. Great stuff!
  4. agree, helped me too, and i have since directed a friend to it
  5. +3 and then some.

    I've said it before and will say it again - I've learned much from the Gentlemen here, but Mantic's vids and Leisureguy's blog have been the best tools so far as I learn how to "properly shave".

    Still almost ashamed that it has taken me to nearly 40 to learn how to do something I thought I knew how to do since I was 14 ... but I'm getting over that, I really am. The sheer enjoyment that the ritual of the shave brings helps. Next step ... results! :biggrin:

    Thank you again, Michael.
  6. Boy can I relate to this. I shaved with an electric for 30+ years before "seeing the light" (thanks to SWMBO). I look back on all those wasted years of crappy, zip-zap-I'm-done shaves with a feeling of "If I'd have only known..." :crying:

    Plus, up until just a few short years ago there wasn't anything near the resources there are today; really just the old MSN Wetshavers group and the Straightrazorplace group (then on Yahoo) was about it. 'Course, in those days we also wore onions on our belts (extra points to anyone who gets the reference.:001_tt2: )

  7. I guess this is also my time to pay homage to LeisureGuy and Mantic who both taught me how to shave. IMHO LeisureGuy has the best text based reference on wet shaving and Mantic has the best video references.

    Between the two, I read and watched how to properly shave. They are my "Shaving Dads". Don't worry guys, I'm not asking for a DNA test.:biggrin:
  8. "Which was the style at the time"
  9. :a14:
  10. I just recently discovered LeisureGuy's blog. I came to all of this through mantic's early videos which got linked on Digg.com. They're such a great intro to this world.

    While I wait for Mantic's next video, i read through LeisureGuy's blog!

    Thanks for all of your hard work!
  11. Thanks for reading! :001_smile
  12. I skimmed thru Leisureguy the first time I came across it (thought it was too long) last month when I first started DE shaves. But after various results (most bad:cursing: ), I took the time to learn and found numerous places where I have caused the damage.

    I still have to recover on the spots around my jaw line, but everything seems to be healing now that I took time to learn. Thanks Leisureguy.:a14:
  13. Leisure Guy's blog was also for me the first thing I read with any degree of specificity and accuracy about wet shaving. I am grateful as well for his well considered narrative. What I really like is the simple fact that he is not only knowledgeable but also a good and well mannered writer-- it seems to fit the topic well, and it makes it more enjoyable when the writing is well thought out. He conveys the pleasure of discovery along with precise information, without becoming either a cheerleader or a scientist. This is a talent that should be recognized over and above his shaving knowledge.

    Thanks again,

  14. And his recipe for a perfect martini is spot-on!
  15. Heh-heh. That is a good martini, isn't it?

    I'm really glad the post is helpful. I knew it was getting long, so I started the "beginner shaving recommendations" post in hopes of something shorter---but now it, too, is fairly long. I did recently add the thing at the top where I describe where I'm going (the 12 topics of the post) in hopes that this little guidance will help readers not feel that the journey is endless. :001_smile
  16. If you really want it perfect, throw orange bitters into the mixing glass before the vermouth.

    This makes it an "Astoria". I like it much better than just gin+vermouth.

    :001_tt1: :001_tt1: :badger: :badger:
  17. Thanks for the tip! Am going to Mardi gras to be with my family in new orleans...and there will be plenty of opportunities to try several different types of martinis :wink:
  18. johnniegold

    johnniegold Moderator Emeritus

    Read LeisureGuy and saw Mantic before coming to B&B. Upon seeing that both of them were part of this forum, I knew I had come to the right place. Thanks to both as they were and continue to be a great source of information.
  19. "They didn't have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones ... "

    Man, I love this forum.
  20. I just wanted to add to the general praise here, and say thank you to both Leisureguy and Mantic.

    If I may make a suggestion, however - Leisureguy, I thank you for the recent addition of the topics at the top of the post. However, you might consider adding titles (in bold, or some such) when each new section begins. There have been several times I've gone to your post in search of a specific topic (razors, or lather, etc.) and it has taken some scrolling to try to get to the right topic.

    Thanks again to you, and everyone, for all the helpful material!

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