Razors, Razors, Razors. Ladies Blue Star, Slim, 2 Z3's.

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  1. All Razors Sold.

    Here are 4 Beautiful Razors for grabs. They are all in great shape. The Ladies
    Blue Star is especially Stunning. The four razors are:

    1. J3 Ladies Blue Star $23 shipped (SOLD)
    2. M4 Slim Adjustable $22 shipped (SOLD)
    3. Z3 Superspeed $14 shipped (SOLD)

    4.Z3 Superspeed $14 shipped (SOLDI]

    Let me know if you need any additional pics.


  2. Nice pics, great prices!!!
  3. pm sent on the M4 Slim Adjustable
  4. Slim and one of the Z3's are gone. The Ladies Blue Star and the other Z3 remain.
  5. Bump.
  6. A very nice offering of desirable razors at good prices.

    Thanks for doing that,
  7. No problem. I've taken advantage of great offers on this forums when I started, so hopefully The Z3 is a great shaver, and this one is in fabulous shape. And the blue start is beautiful. My wife said the thought of using it on her legs, though, was too scary. I won't push.
  8. The other Z3 is Sold, pending payment.
  9. Shipping to the UK would be an additional $4.00 US.
  10. Back-up PM sent on Blue Star...
  11. All razors SOLD. Thanks B&B.

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