RazorRock Jaws?

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  1. Has anyone tried one of these

    RazoRock Jaws


    Italian barber has them for $14.99.

    Looks interesting!
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  2. I believe those only hit the site about 5 days ago, so you should probably start hearing about them within the next week. I don't think anyone has them in their hands yet.
  3. +1

    Those were only released to the store on October 2nd; given that most people who ordered don't live in Canada, they likely won't have them in their hands until the middle/ end of this week (it takes about a week to ship from Canada to US). Given that it takes 3-5 shaves to get a good feel for the razor, I suspect we won't start hearing any reports until next Sunday/Monday.

    However, these razors look identical to the Cadet Razors that are sold by Shave A Buck.

    I have the identical open comb razor that I ordered from Shave A Buck; I just completed shave 2 with it, so I am not ready to form any definitive opinions on it yet.

    Here is a discussion thread about the Cadet Razors:

  4. Yeah it does look like a Cadet Shaving Three Piece TP-01. Although $5 cheaper. Great to see some cheap but nicer quality razors being made.
    michiganlover do you have a Fatip or similar. I'd be interested how they compare.
  5. It looks like a Merkur 25C. I assume it'll shave like one, but last longer and lack the "within tolerance" issues. :thumbup:
  6. If you get one, let us know how it performs.
  7. Alright, I had shave 3 today with the Cadet Open Comb.

    This razor is not for me. :thumbdown

    It has great construction, and looks great, but I am not at all in love with the shave.

    CLAIMED So if anyone wants just the head of the razor (I am keeping the handle for my Tech), send me a PM, and it's yours. I would rather keep this within the US, unless you are willing to pay shipping. :thumbup: CLAIMED

    As already mentioned, the Cadet appears to be the exact same thing as the RazoRock Jaws!!

    P.S. note that the Cadet has an extra long threaded stud, and thus may not be compatible with all handles. If you have tools you could easily remedy this.
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  8. Hey Michigan. I was going to ordee just the head so a perfect fit thanks. Just send it across the lake!

  9. Where are they made?
  10. Looks like it's 5 bucks less than the Cadet right now :smile:
  11. Sweet deal, it's yours!!
  12. The Cadets are made in India. I assume the RazoRock is as well.

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