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  1. I'm curious to hear what others think of this new offering from RazoRock...

    I just received mine (and some R160), and so far I cannot figure out whether I like it, or hate it. It's a very complex smell to me.

    I had a co-worker sniff it, and our consensus was Masculine Old Lady.

    I assume the lather will be fantastic, but will report back on that later when I'm able to get home and whip up a batch.

    The R160 smells good, very very sweet. Almost like candy.

    EDIT: It would appear the name of the soap has been removed from my post by higher powers. This post refers to the recently released Limited Edition soap "MF"
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  2. That is a crazy name for a shaving product. But I am curious yet very scared about the Masculine Old Lady scent. :blink:
  3. Masculine old lady...that doesn't sound like something I would want.
  4. Still waiting for mine to arrive. My nose is sensitive to aromas, so hopefully i don't get that Masculine Old lady scent lol. Joe mentioned that the scent reminded him of the Boellis Panama AS! The Boellis Panama scent description from IB says "The scent is classic with citrus coupled with sweet vanilla. Warm spices and tobacco add depth to this scent."
  5. It's an intriguing scent... I really don't know how to describe it. My descriptor may be slightly harsh. Part of me really likes it, the other part is still going "hmmmm..."

    Hopefully my initial impression doesn't turn people off to the product. I'll go sniff it again in a few minutes and see if I can give a more coherent analysis.
  6. Masculine old lady? lol Now I must smell this.
  7. Masculine old lady? Yikes!
  8. Am I the only one that isn't turned off by Masculine Old Lady?

    I love Hammam Bouquet, but I think that most people might call that Straight Up Old Lady. So at least this has something Masculine going for it. Has me curious.

    The Masculine Old Lady is turning me on.
  9. If you have a granny fetish, oh nevermind:huh:
  10. I've spent the past hour or so sniffing the tub every 15 minutes...

    And upon further review, I really like the scent. It's complex and unique.

    I guess I enjoy masculine old ladies?
  11. Mrs. Doubtfire????
  12. Oh Joejitsu you win the interwebs for today. Thanks for the laugh.
  13. I am more interested in whether the group thinks a name I would not show my grand children is appropriate? I know the purveyor likes edgy names but please.... What about Coalingus as the next offering. Or maybe its appropriate because old ladies are involved. In any case hard to account for taste.
  14. I think the Mudder Focker smells great. I used it yesterday, and liked it so much that I went to a store that carries Boellis to see if they had the Panama 1924 aftershave that is supposedly a match. They only had the EdT, and I didn't like it very much at all. I think the RazoRock is much nicer... more subtle and masculine, with maybe more vanilla. The Panama 1924 EdT was a bit girly to my nose. Seemed more flowery than the Mudder Focker.
  15. SmoovD

    SmoovD Contributor

    +1. Not a fan of the name at all.
  16. +1,000,000.

    Especially inappropriate for a traditional wet shaving community that is generally pretty gentlemanly. I wouldn't buy it if it were the best shaving soap on the planet.
  17. A recent interview with Joe from Italianbarber on Shavenook suggested that some of their products are meant to test how branding affects sales. I guess Razorock "XXX" was labeled accordingly to test this idea. "Mudder Focker" is likely an extension of this. Personally for me, it kind of works because I'm intrigued enough to want to buy it. The limited release of this soap also makes me compelled to buy it because it'll only be around for a little while. I guess I'm a sucker for advertising.

    I'm not sure that this is worse than "Meet the Parents/Fockers".
  18. Agreed completely. No worse than the movie, and you hear/see far worse on television at any and all hours of the day.

    It's just a name, you can always remove the label and put your own on if it's that distressing to read. Missing out on a great soap because of something so trivial seems absurd to me.
  19. SmoovD

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    I remember Joe explaining "XXX" back when IB rolled out the new line. He wanted a name that would signify "generic". The story of the porduct name involved the generic golf balls used as a youth, not a film rating. That I can get, but the MF named soap is bad taste IMHO.
  20. 100% Agree, its shaving after all!

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