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  1. Well, I just got this in the mail today from Joe @ ItalianBarber. $20, I figured "Why not". I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am going to jump right into it. I will be shaving with "Jaws" tonight as I have 5 days of growth to rid myself of.


    - The appearance of the razor online is deceiving. Although the handle looks thin, this razor it quite hefty. It's also head heavy which I think will add great balance.
    -The finish on the razor can seriously be compared to that of an EJ. This thing is shiny and flawless in appearance. No FaTip QC-like finish on this one. Even under the head there are no sloppy welding marks, unlike what some of you have experienced with your Merkur's.
    - Grip on this will not be any issue. Even for you guys out there with bigger hands, although you're working with a thinner handle, the longer handle somehow seems to compensate in assisting the grip. The knurled pattern is kind of a diamond-spiral.

    Need a travel case? No problem. It comes with a simple blue hard-plastic case with a flimsey plastic insert to "try" and hold the razor in place. It shifts around easily. The insert would be my only dislike thus far. I think plastic U-shaped clips to hold the razor in place may have been a better idea. But I'm not complaining here. Just a suggestion is all.

    All in all I am very pleased so far with this razor. Personally, I am surprised this doesn't sell for about $40-50, or more.

    "Shut up Brad and gimmie some photos".

    You got it.





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    I think it's also worth mentioning that the handle is in fact solid and not hollow.

    Anyhow, I'll let you know how it shaves.

    Thanks for reading.


  3. Keep us posted on how it shaves. More important... is it better than your slant razor?

  4. I'm waiting patiently for mine.....
  5. Is that even possible? (being better than the Slant)
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  6. Hey Brian: You definitely gotta let me know if it shaves better than our 37C.

  7. Probably not...IMHO.

  8. A very good OC, especially for the price. The skinny handle was sent to me by mistake. I decided to keep it to add some variety to my collection.
  9. No doubt about it now, the Cadet Razors, and the RazoRock Razors are the exact same thing. They look identical, and it is now confirmed they even come in the same plastic case, and white paper box.

    (although the Cadet Razors do have Cadet inscribed into the plastic case)
  10. I asked Joe about it, and he said he'd never held a Cadet so wasn't 100%, but if people told him they were the same then the only difference appears to be the price!
  11. I can attest that the TTO-15 has "CADET" stamped on the bottom of the handle, yet there is nothing on the skinny cadet handle. Not enough room I imagine. These are the same razors, no doubt.
  12. Cadet/ Razorock or whatever you want to call it....

    Here's my review on the shave

    Hot water splash, followed by a lime pre-shave bar from RR.
    Lathered some Proraso Red (Sandalwood) with a Semogue 1250 in a simple little stainless steel bowl.
    The blade was one that Joe sent with my package. A "New Lord Platinum" class blade.

    I think I could have used a bit more hot water on the skin during prep. However, 5 days of growth was mowed down in 2 passes. The first pass, WTG, was filled with quite a bit of tugging. I found myself going over the same spot with short strokes. I backed off and adjusted my angle, but no change. I am chalking this one up to the blade. Tugging aside, I completed my first pass. Compared to a slant, it was like sandpaper vs. Peanut butter. But again, I feel this was the blade more than anything.
    However, it's really worth noting that I almost didn't even need to complete a 2nd pass. That was really impressive. However, I splashed on some hot water, another round of glycerin pre-shave bar, and relathered. An ATG pass was very smooth and I found the thinner handle allowed for very easy maneuvering on my face, especially under the nose and jawline. Not a trace of stubble was left behind. The tugging from the 1st pass did not result in any nicks or weepers or anything. I finished off with some Vito's "Aftershaving" splash, mixed with a bit of 444. Great combo I might add. No burning or stinging at all. Just an awesome outcome. BBS all around.

    I am pretty amazed on how well this razor worked out. I think I will try a different blade next time, but also I usually don't have 5 days of growth to work with either. The Lord blades are sharp however...just not so smooth.

    If there is anything that really stood out for me aside from a great outcome, would be AUDIBLE. My word is this razor ever loud when shaving with it. I love it actually.

    Anyhow, that's my review.

    Thanks again for reading.

  13. Hey Brad: Thanks for your review. I'm looking forward to reading more of your review with different blades.

  14. Shave a Buck is presently offering the entire Cadet line with free shipping.

    The Jaws is $20 at Shave a Buck, but $14.99 at Italian Barber. When you figure in the $6.95 shipping cost from Canada to USA, the razor is actually $1.94 cheaper at Shave a Buck, and you won't have to wait on shipping out of Canada either.

    Just thought I would point this out for the benefit of the board. :thumbup:
  15. Brad, congratulations on the new acquisition!
  16. bakerbarber

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  17. Lol! I read this and laughed so hard.
    I was using the can for scaling. It's french for "Gingerale".
  18. I love a good IB unboxing, it's like freaking Christmas!

    Thanks for sharing with us! It looks like a good razor to me. The head appears very similar to the FaTip. Anyone else think so?

    Oh and to John about the shipping/cost thing... Do you know anyone on this board who doesn't usually and easily hit Joes free shipping deal? :biggrin1:
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  19. You should have used a bottle of Brador ... classic biere!

  20. Bring on the R41 comparisons. I want an R41 but sure don't need it. Maybe this is a good sub?

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