Razorock AS Wax - Need Your Opinions!

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by YoungerThanMyRazor, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. I have the original razorock aftershave wax and love its moisturizing properties. Nothing makes my skin feel smoother and softer after a shave. However, although I don't mind the scent, I find that the it lingers way too long. I'm interested in ordering on of the other two available (lavender and 888).

    Which scent fades the fastest?

  2. Don't know about 888 but I would suspect it lingers just like the original and the Lavender..... In my experience anyway.......
  3. I have only tried the 888, but on my skin the scent doesn't seem to last longer than 30-45min or so. Lovely stuff, I find myself pairing it with things that don't even smell similar!
  4. I have only used the King Louis and I do not find that it lingers much past a few minutes. I get a pleasant sniff every once in a while a few hours later if I touch my face.

    FWIW I do mix the wax with a healthy dose of water i.e., my hands are pretty wet when I apply.
  5. i have had all, and currently have 888 and KL, both last about the same time, both work equally as well and both have mild scents.

    can't go wrong with any, but i don't care for the original scent, but YMMV
  6. Neither the 888 or KL linger long at all for me (less than 15 minutes).
  7. Thanks guys! KL it is then!

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