Razor suggestions for beard edging.

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Toothpick, Feb 10, 2013.

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    I have a nice beard going and I like to keep my neck line shaved and cheek line. I'm just wondering what you all think would be the best razor for the job? I've used a Futur and a Merkur 34C and a GEM 1912 SE.

    the DE razors seem to have a bigger head that get in the way when you are trying to see the line to stay on. the GEM seems to work best but i'd prefer the blade go all the way to the side of the razor so when I take it sideways (XTG) i dont have to account for the space where there is no blade.

    I was thinking an injector would be next to try.

    any suggestions from folks that have a beard and keep neat neck and cheek lines?

  2. GEM Micromatic Open Comb / Gillette Old Open Comb / Shick Injector (1950's vintage or older)

    That's also 3 different options for type of blade and all fairly inexpensive razors.I trim all the way around the inside and outside of a goatee,all 3 of those razors provide an outstanding sense of where the edge of the blade is for a really accurate clean straight line.
  3. Straights, definitely. A little scary for someone who hasn't tried them, but something like a Weck Sextoblade or Hair Shaper is more forgiving than most, and none of the extra work. If you aren't ready for straights, a 1912 Gem or ER is great.

    Don't ask me how I know this. It's not like...I've started growing a beard or anything...

  4. I have a short beard down the jaw line and up the sideburns with a long goatee on the chin. I've been trying a bunch of different DE's and found a fat handled Tech that works great for getting in tight areas and controls well for maintaining a sharp line.
  5. It's a tough call. I've had a beard for decades and have used everything from scissors to electric razors to beard trimmers to cartridges to DE razors. All of them work well enough, but all of them have their drawbacks.

    Currently, I use an electric Norelco beard trimmer with a guard to cut the length uniformly. For the edges, I occasionally use an electric hair trimmer without a guard to trim the neckline. Mostly, though, I use a three-piece DE razor with a small head (Feather AS-D1) to cut the neckline and keep an accurate cheek line.

    Still, I know what you mean about the frustrating gap between the end of the cutting blade and the end of the razor that holds it. Consequently, there is a bit of guesswork involved.

    Also, a hand-held mirror is very helpful so you can see yourself from the side.
  6. I honestly just try to get as close as i can. Lather up and "clear the runways". I use a 34c, slim or a superspeed. So far i've been able to get closer with a de than with cart razor. I bet a straight would give an even more defined line though.

    i use a professional wahl detailer (T blade) to shape it out. It definitely helps me a great deal.
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    I have a straight that i havent tried. been thinking about it, but i'm hesitant. I'm affraid to make a mistake and then have to shave the beard off. with a SE or DE the thick hair will at least somewhat stop the razor from moving. i'd thing with a straight if you made a mistake you could easily knock off a big chunk of beard.

    I do have a small mirror that i never thought of using. good tip there.

    I got an injector on the way, we'll see how that works out.

    I was also thinking about the Merkur mustache razor??
  8. I think the Merkur mustache razor is too small to trim the lower edge of your beard. It seems like it would take a long time. Plus, you'd be restricted to using an odd blade that has only one manufacturer... A DE razor works well enough.
  9. Injector razor would probably be best. If you really want a great one, you could always get the Cobra Classic! :biggrin1:
  10. I'm thinking a shavette might be quite good, the feather AC series are as good as a straight, but with a much smaller blade. A more budget friendly version could be the Dovo shavettes that take half a DE blade (I think....correct me if I'm wrong...perhaps it's the Parker??)
  11. It's more or less exactly what you do when you shave at your sideburns so any razor you find you can do this easily with would be good - I do find a 1912 very precise myself but almost the same could be said of my DE89 or Fatboy. Getting the sideburns right with a slant is much more of an art form and I wouldn't like to be trying any type of fine detail.

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