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  1. Hello All,

    Just getting into DE shaving and I am up to two razor already. Realized I am going to have a problem..... How do you guys with multiple razors store them. I'd like to keep them on the counter, looking to acquire a few more. Anyone have any pictures or ideas or how to keep them neatly organize without taking too much space?


  2. I personally don't use multiples, but I've seen pictures around here where people keep multiple razors on their counters in toothbrush holders (usually pretty nice ones).
  3. I made a shelf for them. Some people buy test tube racks and fancy toothbrush holders instead of shelling out the dough for purpose-made multi-racks.
  4. This I bought at Kohl's department store which they no longer make. I was fortunate enough to find one other for a fellow B&B'er on clearance. Paid less than me! Go figure. Lol. Anyway, there's a thread a pretty big one at that I'll try to find later which had Lowe's toothbrush holder being popular.

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  5. Nice!!!
  6. I thought this was about Razo Rock
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    I like Pipe racks. Also toothbrush holders and spoon racks can work nicely. Or build one yourself.
  8. i believe you could get a big Razor Rack and store your RazoRock with your razors
  9. made these

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  10. I got the toothbrush holder (4) from Lowe's. Was $9.95 I think..?? Ive got 5 razors but keep one in a dopp kit for my motorhome so thats 4 for "in house".
  11. I at first bought an oil rubbed bronze toothbrush holder from Lowes....holds 4 razors. You can also store them in a mug, plain old regular variety or Old Spice on your counter. I just bought a wood 11 slot pipe rack on eBay where I can get them up off the counter, on the wall and for easy access and free up real estate for my other shaving accessory eccentricities!
  12. I hang my DE's on a toothbrush holder I got at Bed Bath and Beyond.

    My straights are in a pipe holder I got somewhere online.
  13. $IMG_2994.jpg $IMG_2993.jpg
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    I had a real find today--in the Container Store. I was using three of the toothbrush holders pictured on the left to hold my seven razors (and counting). But today I found the razor holder (they called it a lipstick and pencil holder) pictured on the right, which saves me about two thirds of the space I was using, in my very cramped medicine cabinet. I think I could fit nine in there. One thing that helps is the different lengths of the handles.

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  15. I use this one - I am 99% sure SWMBO picked it up at Lowes.

  16. If you don't want to see them but still keep them all handy, you could invest in a nice storage box for them. There are a lot of nice boxes available used to display jewelry or watches that you can find. An actual jewelry box or repurposed cigar box may also be an idea or you can go the craft / tacklebox route too if that's more to your liking. I went from a watch display box (that held about a dozen razors if stored properly) to a repurposed 2-drawer flatware box that I refinished / refelted for my ever-growing collection (if you're interested in seeing the transformation, you can see the thread here). Sky's the limit!

    sidenote - sadly, I'm starting to outgrow my bigger box too... do I weed out some razors to the BST, or go looking for another box? sigh, decisions decisions...
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  17. Here's my old setup; it now has more straights than DE's. $racks.jpg
  18. Toothbrush holders are great. Lots of stores have them, Lowe's, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. They come in every style imaginable, and are cheap. I found a nice aquamarine ceramic and chrome one on sale at Pottery Barn for $1. I bought 8 of them and I'm using 4 of them now with the others in reserve, just in case.:001_smile

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