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  1. I switch between a Futur and an HD for my daily shave. Both are great but I have trouble reaching the area just under my nose. The HD is better but I still revert to a Mach 3 for this area. I feel like reaching for a Mach is sac religious somehow. I have been looking at several alternatives here and could use some input.

    1) Schick injector - This was the first razor I ever got but no one showed me how to use it so I never liked it. Aside from my experience in 1972, the blades look like they are pretty hard to find. Seems like a reasonable approach though.

    2) Straight razor - I have never used a straight in my life and using one for a tight spot is a bit disconcerting, but I am willing to try if this is the right tool for the job.

    3) Shavette - This looks interesting in that I don't need to get a hone, strop and whatnot to just shave under my nose.

    Thoughts anyone?? Thanks.
  2. I wear a goatee so do not have that problem.. I do use a straight at times., and have used a shavette alot.. Once you learn to use them they work very well. I am sure that someone will come along and tell you the best way to do this with your regular razor,

  3. A DE under the nose is much better than a Mach3 for me!
  4. I have a tiny "Little Miss Evans", I think it's quite possibly the world's smallest razor.
  5. Try a Gillette Tech. It has a very low-profile head that gets the tight spots easily.
  6. No, I think this is the world's smallest razor . . . *grin*

    And I use a ball-end Tech -- fallen in love with it after using an adjustable SS and a flare-tip Rocket. I've not had any trouble with my upper lip, it's such an agile little razor.
  7. "The Laurel" ladies boudoir razor has a head that is .9" x .5" and the overall length from the cap to the end of the handle is 1.5" The whole razor, assembled, along with a pack of blades fits into it's little tin box that measures 1.05" x 1.7" x .5".

  8. +1 on the tech. very low profile design. cheap to buy. great shaver
  9. The blade on the Little Miss Evans is right at 3/4", whole razor is about 1" long. I'll try and snap a picture of it next to a quarter ;)
  10. ATG with a Gem works really well under the nose.:wink:Takes a bit of practice though:biggrin:A really good lather is needed also. I leave the lower lip and under the nose till last.The remaining stubble is nice and soft after 3 passes. Cheers Phil.
  11. Laz


    It took me awhile to finagle the HD, but it can do a great job under the nose. At first, it helped me to pull my nose to one side as I shaved with the HD. I hope that made sense.
  12. I can never seem to get a good WTG pass under my nose, but XTG works very well for me. 2 in opposite directions and I am usually BBS on my upper lip.
  13. The Tech seems to work better than the Super Speed around the nose and lips for me; my whiskers grow right up to and on my nose and lips. Too bad the Tech isn't one piece; I would probably prefer it to the Super Speeds but that's life. Injectors also work well but I don't have any experience with the Merkurs. How are they for the "up close and personal work?"
  14. I think a shavette works superbly for tight spots and for defining sharp edges. It takes a little while to learn but is an invaluable tool that will prove useful for the rest of your shaving life. Just make sure you use a very shallow angle and light touch and you should be fine.
  15. I ordered the shavette last night. We'll see how it works out. It seems like a great shaver and I can use my Derby's with it too.
  16. I have a similar problem with the area under my nose when I use one of my TTO razors. So I found a guy who had a major problem with shaving under his nose and asked him what he did.


    I call him Schnozola, for large well you get the point.

    Well the Schnoz says to place the index finger of the hand without the razor on the tip of your nose. Then move your finger and the tip of the nose up or to the side to allow the razor to shave close under and on the side of the nose. Be sure he says, to go slow and light or you may just end up amputating your nose and that would be terrible.

    And finally, if your nose is bigger than the Schnoz or you feel uncomfortable using that free hand for manipulating your nose simply use a single blade disposable with its small thin head to get up under and close to your nose.

    Good luck.
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  17. Where in the dickens do you get blades for it?
  18. I find my 1940's (no date code) Gillette SS works great under the nose. It has a very low profile.
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    much better than my pull the nose to the side description :w00t:
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  20. Have you considered trying the Merkur mini moustache/sideburn razor? It's real tiny and has an asymmetric head that is trapezoidal in shape. On one side, the blade is ~1/2" wide and on the other side it's ~1" or less. Merkur makes the replacement blades, but with a sharp pair of scissors, I'm sure you can trim a new blade of one's choosing to the same shape...all the usual suspects carry the mini Merkur.

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