Razor Emporium "We have only 2-3 that are missing right now.

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  1. I sent my deceased father's razor to Matthew Pisarcik, owner of Razor Emporium in Phoenix, AZ, for replating in October, 2012. I find out now, at the end of July, 2013, that he's actually sold it to another customer.

    Most priceless of his responses? "We have only 2-3 that are missing right now."

    Be careful.
  2. ouch

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    You could have knocked me over with a feather.
  3. Welcome to B&B forum even if its under unfortunate circumstances. Can you explain more about how this came to be? Did you follow up with Razor Emporium after 9 months or has this situation been dragging on for some time? What are they doing to find out who your Razor was sold to? It might even be sold to a member of B&B.
  4. For future reference for replating use dale @reliable plating in Massachusetts. I hate you did not ask for advice before you sent to them, they are not a good company. I would talk to the BBB & their states attorney general concerning this. They have got away with this kind of crap too many times. If you read this forum "do not use those people".
  5. I would demand that he obtain the razor back from who he sold it to. I think every one of us would give it back if we were the ones who purchased it. It would be easy enough for him to replace. What a freaking idiot.
  6. That's a heartbreaking story and irresponsible beyond belief on Razor Emporiums end. I'm sure if it was sold to a B&B member we'd see a favourable outcome to this story. I wish you good luck with a resolution.
  7. Apparently you're not the first person this has happened too.

    From this thread: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/320812-Razor-Emporium-Revamp!/page2

    They will never, ever get a single cent from me.

    I'm truly sorry that happened, especially with a razor that means so much to you.
  8. + a googleplex to this.
    That razor is a family heirloom and not just some Ebay/flea market find so demand he recover and return the exact same razor and IMOHO a full refund of your money just on principle.
    Sounds like there have been several "accidental" sales,once is careless/mistake more than that is restocking.
  9. I've actually had a couple other replaters (not RE) mix stuff up and not send me the right razor/parts back.... but to their credit, they have always come through in the end and got me my stuff. Still, you hear these stories and they seem quite frequent. Mistakes happen.... it's what we do about them that really matters in the end. Hopefully you get your razor back..... unfortunately you are at their mercy for the time being.

  10. Wow, I would demand they source the razor and return it to you. I really hope they do this, please keep up posted. All the best!
  11. Post a description and pic if you have one. You might find your razor among the members here.
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    Those guys are a joke. How are they still in business?
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    That's a good question.
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    What a business plan. Based on what I have seen here I would give them a wide berth.
  15. It seems these people are only out to make a quick buck off other's razors. I guess they make more selling the razor than replating and sending back to the customer. I would just get a lawyer there is pain and suffering in there somewhere I am sure. A lawsuit might wake them up so they start doing the right thing. I think just avoiding this company like the plague is best for everyone.
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    I sure hope you call him right up and demand he get your razor back. Like said above, it's a family heirloom, not something you found on ebay. Good luck--and keep us posted.
  17. What a sad story, to lose a razor is upsetting but to lose an irreplaceable heirloom is tragic. I've only ever heard horror stories about that company over the years and have no plans of doing business with them. Maybe you could also lodge a compaint with the Better Business Bureau.
  18. Given the sentimental value of the razor, I'd be on a plane to Phoenix, and I'd make him explain to me face to face, rather than by email or phone, 1) why he sold my valuable family heirloom, and 2) how he planned to recover it and return it to me. Absent a satisfactory answer, I'd head straight to whatever agency handles such matters in the state of Arizona. Perhaps even law enforcement.

    Don't let this go. Get your razor back.
  19. From the sounds of it, this is a criminal matter more than a BBB issue. Its no different than taking your Jewellery, Laptop or Car in for a repair and having the business operator fix it up and sell it. Commerce and trade would cease to exist if all businesses ran this criminally.

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