r41 cut me up good, looking at cadet t26/27, do the same? how about sabi t1-t2?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by ziggy1706, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Hello all! at this wonderful terrific no other website like website:) Well..i purchased from shavenation, few days ago, brand new muhle r41, not the grande. came with a derby blade. used barbasol sensitive(which dries my skin, have sensitive skin, just using up so i dont waste till i revert too artisian shaving soaps), prep could have been better, was in a rush, but it was doable, for a merkur 34c or muhe 89 i used n never cut me up. Well...using the derby blade it came with, it mowed my face pretty darn good :/ lat night. just a small near scar looking feature over upper lip, and cheek left side of face. appeared it wanted too take so layers of skin off my throat:x very aggressive razor!!! and not sure i wann a use it again, with another blade, like a personna prep blade, or cvs baldes..
    I was looking at the cadets T26 and T27 models! as well as the sabi T and T2. some say the 27 is a notch down frm the r41..any truth to this? i see the t 26 has a saftey bar on it, ut wont shave as close. since i have sensitive skin, i dont know how aggressive the T27 might or wil be, like the r 41 on my skin?
    the sabis T1 and T2 i wanna try really bad, read thier really interesting razors.. form shaveabuck.com but wanna know about the T26 and T27, and which i should get to literally take it a notch down frm the r41 but without making evil dead of my face..
    thanks all!
  2. As a kind suggestion: It would be a lot easier for everybody to read if you put a little bit more effort in how you write. A pre-teenage style of writing is not fitting a board where you post longer texts. Please do not take this as an insult.

    I do not find R41 particularly difficult to use if you have a good blade. Derby is however really terrible in R41. It makes the razor to jump, skip, tug and pull. In your case, I would give R41 again a chance, but this time with Polsilver SI.
  3. Before you give up on the R41 - I would try another blade...Feathers and Gillette Platinums or Silver Blues work great for me.
  4. I think your first mistake was using Barbasol. It works ok with mild razors, but really does not provide enough lubrication for an aggressive razor. Even a cheap soap like Van Der Hagen will give much better glide than Barbasol.
  5. Unlike engblom and many others, I get excellent results with the Derby in the R41. No different to Feather in my case.
    i also ask, why would a top drawer manufacturer like Mühle give Derby as its free blade with the razor if it wasn't a good match? They would be unlikely to send out a blade that would show up their aggressive razor in a bad light.
    Just a thought. Everyone has their own favorite that works for their unique need. It's just a question of patience until you find yours.

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