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  1. so I acquired a hoffritz slant on ebay a few weeks ago and I just got around to cleaning it up. Something that strikes me is that the head seems to be chrome, but the handle seems to be silver. Although every picture I see of one of these, the head and handle apear to be the same.

    I was even able to get some black oxidation off using the foil,water,baking soda method.

    Does this sound right? I have been trying to find info on this razor and I am coming up somewhat short. $DSC_4477.jpg

    see what I mean?
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    Yes, it appears to be made of 3 different metals to me ... or at least 3 different platings.

    It certainly falls into that FrankenRazor category, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
    It looks pretty interesting, and how does it shave?

    Are any of the parts magnetic?
    What era is it claimed to be from?
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    Uh, oh ... might that black oxidation be described as a patina? If so, you would have been better to leave it there.
  4. Your razor is normal. My vintage Merkur and Hoffritz both have the same configuration.

  5. not sure which of my threads I should mention this... but anyone who has read through a few of my threads knows I have been struggling to get my razors in tip top condition. my Slant is no exception.

    I tried buffing the head of the razor using my dremmel, a buffing wheel, and some buffing compound. Although it took out the ghost mark that was left in it... now there is a find layer of "micro scratches" that are bothering me... I have had a great deal of success getting this stuff out using this method on my nickel plated models, but this chrome model seems to have reacted differently (no surprise there)...

    Any ideas how to buff these "micro" scratches out to bring back that mirror finish to the chrome?
  6. hey DPM... why does one wish to leave a patina?
  7. Quite a few of the Hoffritz slant-bar models had a white powder-coat finish on the handle. Looks like you've got one of those:

  8. The handle is silver plated. Try cleaning it as your would a silver plated razor.
  9. I've got two Hoffritz slants, one still has the lovely white 'paint' on the handle, the other has a handle that is fully brassed - I guess the previous owner tried to clean it. I love the way it looks but I have been tempted to give it a wash with some white paint.

    does anyone have any recommendation on how I could to that? not sure if I will do it or not but I'm curious, I realise of course that I could just get some paint and a small brush and have at it, but is that the best way? what type of paint?
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    i use this
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  11. I have read that the "white coating" on the handle is a silver alloy plating not a paint. You may wish to talk to some of the fellows that do replating to see what is the closest thing offered these days.
  12. thanks copierguy - just showing my newbishness!

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