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  1. Well, I'd post this in the BOTOC thread, but that is REDONKULOUS in how fast it grows, I can't keep up with it. A response would be 8 pages behind by the time I found it.

    Sooo, I have used the DE89 for a year, for the last 8 months mounted on a BRW Bull Mastiff XXL handle. I love it. I get close comfortable shaves with it, but I love the look of the long comb and I'm trying to get used to it. The DE89 is a much better head than the NEW Short Comb, IMO (sorry BOTOC guys!), but the Long Comb might be something I could learn to love. It is definitely more aggressive than the DE89, especially in the BRW handle. I'm getting decent results with it (shave #5 with it today) with only a couple of nicks, but a little bit of burn in a few areas.

    I can use the DE89 every day, get DFS or even BBS and not have any irritation with the DE89. Nick maybe once every 60-90 days. For those of you who have switched from a DE89 to the NEW Long Comb, and stayed with it, about how long did it take you to get comfortable with it? I guess the same could be said for the R41 or other more aggressive heads, too.

    A couple weeks? A month? I mean before you were as comfortable after the shave as with the DE89.

  2. Went from a Mühle R106 which is the same head as the EJ razors to a Fatip Grande today. Only shaved once with it but I think it already performs better. DFS in one pass for a close to four day growth.
  3. I also have a BRW Bull Mastiff XXL NEW long comb and although I didn't switch directly from the DE89 it was my first razor. Comparing to the DE89 my shaves with the NEW are hands down much better. It gets off several days of heavy beard growth with one pass. It is also much better on my neck as the DE89 with its head design did not contour the areas of my neck that the NEW does and in fact I got more irritation from the DE89 on my neck than the NEW. Blades also tend to shave better with the NEW than the DE89 but YMMV.

    I actually have a BRW Bull Mastiff XXL NEW short comb on the way and I'm eager to see how that shaves.
  4. The New is a more mild OC (at least to me). Honestly, if you want to make the transition a bit easier, pick up a Merkur 1904 OC then move from it to the New. You should have no problem selling it for just a few dollars less than what you paid for it and you can use it on your BRW as well. It's the most mild OC I have found (the Goodfella is just a step above it but Goodfellas are fairly expensive)
  5. Thanks for the comments, fellas!

    @CoolGuy90, I'd be curious to see if you don't agree the DE89 is better than the NEW short comb. I was very unimpressed with the short comb, it is not nearly as efficient for me as the DE89. However, the NEW Long Comb is a different matter all together. I have a feeling I am going to grow to love it, but right now it is giving me what Ken (bluesbishop, founder of BOTOC) describes as a feeling of having had a 'chemical peel'.

    @itsmedave, I don't think you can make a blanket statement like that about the NEW -- you have to specify long or short versions, they are radically different. Not at all similar in terms of aggressiveness.

    Perhaps it is because I don't rotate razors, I used the DE89 in the XXL for the better part of a year, but there is not contour on my face I cannot get to BBS with it without irritation. I know I will shave my way into that kind of comfort zone with the NEW LC, I'm just wondering how long that might take at my experience level. I'm going to guess 2-3 weeks.

    I am still doing the same number of passes (3), trying to keep the pressure off, but touchups are less necessary and quicker with the NEW LC for me. It looks like heck, all the plating is off of it, but after another week with it, if I am making progress, I will have it replated.
  6. I briefly had a NEW short comb and sold it after I got my BRW NEW long comb. The long comb is definitely more aggressive than the short comb but the NEW short was still for me better than the DE89. What blades are you using in the NEW's?
  7. I'm using my standard Gillette Super Platinum Blacks. Maybe it is simply because by using the same razor every day I have just gotten so used to the DE89 that I am wringing out its utmost potential, but (and recognizing this is a big YMMV thing), the NEW short comb simply can't hold a candle to the DE89 for me. In terms of efficiency (passes and how much work I had to do in the touchups) and the end result in terms of closeness, the short comb is nowhere near as good as the DE89. It's behind me now, no using it with other blades or trying it again. I've moved on.

    The long comb, on the other hand, holds real promise. It is taking less touchup effort, and the shaves are lasting longer, in the sense that I am smoother further into my day, with the long comb. I just have to work through that 'chemical peel' feeling Ken described.

    Anyway, I'm not arguing with your experience, your experience is what it is. But so is mine, and the short comb just doesn't cut it. For me the DE89 was not just little better, it was vastly superior (on the BRW handle) to the short comb. I'm going to persevere with the long comb, though. I have not reached any conclusions, of course, but I am open to the possibility I may end up really finding the long comb superior to the DE89.

    Thanks for responding to my question, though, I did ask how you thought they compared (DE89 & sc). It never ceases to amaze me how differently people see all this stuff. It is incredibly unpredictable. What blades are you using?
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  8. I shave with the EJ and many open comb razors in varying rotation. I find the mildest blade available that works for me- Shark SS work very well in the OC razors. I can use a larger variety of blades in the EJ- Astra, Derby, SI, Personna etc. Milder in the OC- more agressive blades in the EJ. Hope this helps a bit.
  9. In my long comb I had been using the Gillette Yellows. They worked great in it and since I ran out of them I am now using Astras but have some Med preps on the way. About this chemical peel I am not sure what this means but I shave with the long comb like I did with the DE89 and the only irritation I get is on my neck if I do multiple passes. In fact I have gotten less irritation with the long comb than the DE89. I find that the more exposed blade on the long comb allows it to shave at different angles where as the DE89 has a sort of sweet spot where it cuts.
  10. Thanks again CoolGuy90. If you were using the Gillette Yellows and are finding the Astras work well, I suspect the blacks I'm using are pretty good. I don't know how best to describe that feeling, Ken posted it in the BOTOC thread.

    I guess what I mean is it is almost like a cream or soap skin reaction. I do not have any obvious razor burn, no redness at all, no obvious irritation. But my skin "knows" it's been shaved over in a way that does not happen with the DE89 for me. Especially in places I go over a lot, like either side of my chin, for example. I think it is just due to the greater blade exposure in the NEW LC, and as I lighten my touch and dial in the angle, I am confident that feeling will go away.

    After a BBS with my DE89 my skin feels great, like I did not even shave. But with the LC (admittedly only 5 shaves with it) my skin feels like maybe I have a mild sunburn or something. I was wondering if anyone else transitioning from the DE89 to the long comb had this feeling, at least at first. But I bet it's gone inside of another week.
  11. I think I know what you mean. I experienced something like this when I had a 2011 R41. I sold it because no matter what angle or blade I used it always scraped my skin and I noticed that the next day I got small red bumps that were not ingrown hairs around my cheeks. When I switched to the NEW these disappeared. I can probably say that I was just not only taking off hair but maybe some fine layers of skin. I can happily say though that this has only happened with the R41.
  12. Hi John! Like you, I find the short-comb NEW too mild for my taste. Also like you, I find the long-comb version a little tricky. Sometimes I'll get a great shave with it, but often I have a little trouble setting the right angle with my natural stroke, and I'll get a little discomfort. I ended up focusing on other razors I liked better, so I probably can't share an experience that answers your fundamental question about this one. The New Improved is my favorite OC razor, though I've just gotten a NEW De Luxe that's been delightful for the first few uses.

    But practice makes perfect, so I'd agree with you that 2-3 weeks of solid use will nail the technique.
  13. I used a NEW SC and LC for a while when I was in an OC phase. I got good shaves. I went back to the DE89 for most days though because I shave everyday and for stubble I find the DE89 more comfortable and faster on a daily basis. I have never had a beard and never let it grow more than 24 hours :)

  14. Ok...a few things brother....if you are getting that chemical peel ( I only get that in the R41, if I'm not using a blade that works best ) it is possibly both the blade and the angle.....a few things to should NOT be seeing rake marks...if you are, your angle is off.

    I think the NEW LC is easier to learn, because from my experience it has a more narrow effective range of use...and once found, BAM! Great shaves. The SC for my face feels slightly more aggressive, but gives very smooth comfortable was the NEW SC that gave me my Open Comb epiphany.

    I was using the DE89 in rotation with the Slim when I made the switch....I used the NEW SC loaded with a Supermax Super was the first time I had a irritation free burn, no weepers...just BBS. For that shave I used short strokes...and kinda of in the "gillette slide" type method....more of a half of a "V" shape...Imagine your first pass under the sideburn and shaving down at a angle towards your chin.....

    It always takes me about a week to truly "test" a razor and run it through its hoops.....I try a DIFFERENT BLADE DAILY with any new razor searching for that perfect blade razor combo....even after I think I've found "the one" I still try various blades in it once a week or so...

    Good luck!!!! I hope the new works for's a truly great razor!
  15. Hey JC,

    Just to muddy the waters even more...

    Like you I've been an EJ fan for a looong time (barley version loaded with Feathers). I "upgraded" from a slim late last year.

    I could never dial the slim up over 3 and CONSISTENTLY get smooth, irritation free shaves. The odd 5, 7 or even a couple of 9s would give me close shaves but some pain/bumps.

    Just for a larf I pulled the slim out last weekend, loaded a Feather (never had tried this combo, only Astras, Derbys etc). And I have used it every day since and ALWAYS on 7. Would never have done this last year.

    Wow! I mean unbelievable. Like a completely different razor. The EJ had taught me technique because I believe while it's user friendly window is wide, it's actual BBS sweet spot is narrow. Like you, I felt I wanted to try something different but revisiting an old razor has made me realize it was my own technique all along.

    Not criticizing you or your technique mate...not at all. Just an interesting parallel as I've been looking at OC razors too so I'm keen to subscribe to your journey and also your experiences. For now I'm sticking to the slim but keep us posted!

    Good luck buddy.
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  16. man00ver,

    Glad to know I'm not the only crazy one. I simply cannot see anyone migrating from the DE89 to a NEW SC, at least now there are two of us. :wink2: I got no epiphany with the SC at all.

    I don't even know what a NEW Improved is, Is there a open comb razor wiki? I did not find one.

    Ken, I'm not starting a blade search unless I cannot nail this razor with my Gillette Blacks. They are a super quality blade, loved by many in many razors, and I am pretty convinced I can master the NEW LC with them. If I find I cannot within a couple weeks, then maybe I'll look around.

    Frankly, I think this shaving thing is easier and less complex than we make it out to be, this forum, while a great source of information, also can keep people up in the air a lot over product selection. If I grabbed almost any razor and blade and shaved with it daily for a month, I'd probably like it, and I suspect that's how our fathers and grandfathers did it.

    Anyway, pressing on with the Gillette Blacks in the NEW LC for a while. If I reach Nirvanna, I'll have it plated. Thanks for the thoughts, gents!
  17. Shaving is a LOT easier than portrayed on B&B. It all boils down to using a consistent motion with NO variation once you have it down.

    It's very simple. Razor to face, stoke, lift, repeat.

    I shave with a different razor and blade every day and get the same perfectly consistent shave with every product I use.

    Now if I had stayed away from B&B I would still get the same constant shave that I have for the past 45 years, but I would only have 1 razor and not have as much fun as I now have shaving with a different razor/blade every day.

    The hardest part of my daily shave is deciding what to use. I am still deciding as I post.... Sometimes reading a topic on here makes up my mind what to use. Sometimes it takes the better part of the day to decide. Shaving has become SO DIFFICULT now :lol:
  18. I was previously using a Merkur HD and it took me about 2-3 weeks to be as comfortable with an R41. It's all I use now. Will you eventually try the R41?
  19. Sounds like a Wiki to me! :laugh:
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  20. The funny thing about shaving is 2 identical razors can give vastly different shaves. Example: I have a Sheraton. My standard blade is a feather, I can load my Sheraton with it or any other blade, close both eyes, get a DFS with no irritation. I have a Senator. Identical to the Sheraton, except it is silver not gold. No matter what blade I use in it, I get horrible razor rash under my collar. I have a LC & a SC. I prefer the LC, the SC gets no love from me. I have came to a conclusion that everyone should get a 2011 R41 and use nothing but it until they can get BBS shaves with no irritation. That would help them perfect their technique, as it has such a small window, and improve their shave with any other razor. Of course, YMMV!

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