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  1. Matt strikes again! The last thing I need is another tub of cream, but I can't pass on this limited time scent. Just saw the announcement on the vendor forum and on the QCS facebook page. A cross of the QCS Key Lime with the menthol blast of Vostok without the peppermint. How can you say no to that? I know I can't . And no, I'm not looking for support or words of caution and restraint here- I recognized long ago this forum is filled with a bunch of good-for-nothing enablers:001_tt2:
  2. This could break my word to my wife about more creams for the rest of the year - I hate it when she's right!
  3. I love QCS creams. This one sounds like it is definitely worth an "I told you so!" from SWMBO. In your defense, it's a limited edition cream, only offered for one month. Despite that, I'm sure I'll get an award winning eye roll from SWMBO. She doesn't even waste her breath any longer:)
  4. My girlfriend will kill me, but being the collector I am, I'll be ordering it anyways. Love QCS products.
  5. I ordered mine this am, along with another custom ASB. Got a tub for my brother as well. Looking forward to this one.
  6. This seems like a good purchase for the current Savannah, Georgia weather. I'd love to get some of the Lime ASB as well, but I've found that some of the other balms I've tried are just too heavy to wear around in this level of south coastal humidity. What's the best paring with this in a cooling lime splash that won't leave my face overly moisturized/balm-y?
  7. Hmmm, sounds interesting. Do not need, but definitely want. Shouldn't check it out. Think I'll check it out.
  8. This is not a hobby about needs :biggrin1:
  9. Received my Iced Key Lime today and I must say, it smells awesome! Probably won't use it just yet since it's a limited time item, or at least not till I finish off my other products I'm working on, but that's only if I can stop myself, awesome shaving cream!
  10. So since it's limited edition I should buy it right??

  11. Absolutely
  12. Seriously guys, you need to stop being such awesome enablers! I just ordered from QCS two weeks ago when I heard how awesome their shampoo bars are, now ANOTHER order. Matt's going to think I've lost it...:blink:
  13. Yeah, I went for a tub too weekly budget be damned. I must have seen the same threads as you cxg, cause I ordered a shampoo bar as well. It's like my favorite KMF Key Lime/Bigelow mix, but it's already mixed together in a tub for me, how could I not?
  14. Received mine today. Will shave with it tonight....if I don't eat it first. Smells awesome, but I am fearful I'll get a brain freeze :lol:
  15. Oh, you're in trouble now! I like the shampoo bar that I ordered two weeks ago so much that I ordered one of every flavour to go along with my Iced Key Lime shaving cream...I just *had* to get the free shipping...right?:blushing:

    There goes my entire shaving budget for July and probably part of August. :biggrin1:
  16. Damn you! I didn't get mine until today :p You're right though, it does smell like a limeade slushy :D I'm glad I didn't shave last night, I'm going to do that now. This seems similar to the Mystic Water I have. I think I'm gonna try snurdling this rather than brushloading which I haven't had much success with in the MW. I'll be back

    ETA: I'm back! Man, I used to read about people describing the "menthol blast" they got with proraso/bigelow, I never really got that. I mean sure I could tell there was menthol in there but never did I experience what I'd describe as a "blast". This stuff though, it's got MENTHOL! This stuff is AWESOME! I used about a half snurdle which made plenty lather for my quasi 1 passish shave (beard but I do 2 passes on the sides of my throat) plus plenty to rinse out of the bowl & brush. I will be snurdling my MW for sure from now on as I am POSITIVE I just wasn't getting enough product brush loading. This stuff smells awesome! Everyone who's smelled it says it smells great, my boss said he wished he had it last night for his congestion *LOL* I just finished off my shave with some Skin Bracer and man does my skin feel great!
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  17. I agree with LegionPrime. The scent is phenomenal. Nice citrusy blast with a menthol background. The shave was COLD, just like Vostok, colder than anything else I have ever used. Just like all my other QCS products, the lather was rich, slick, and cushiony. I, however, enjoy loading all my QCS creams and soaps straight from the tub. If you like lime and menthol, you can't go wrong with this one. It is simply fantastic.
  18. Joe - nice review! I should have my Iced Key Lime in time for my weekend shave! Can't wait!

  19. Anxious to hear what you have to say about this cream, Chris. It is addicting. Mixed with some QCS Esquire last night to accentuate the citrus already in the Esquire. Made for a great shave.
  20. Joe - sorry for the delay. I received the QCS Iced Key Lime on Friday. I must say I was a bit worried as Matt describes the scent as a "dry" lime, which I love, but the cream smelled sweet right out of the tub.

    Grabbed the cream for my Saturday afternoon "luxury" shave and whipped up a batch of lather. My previous fears were unfounded, as the cream lathered up into what I would say is a very authentic dry key lime, absolutely great! It took a little while for the menthol to kick in, but after a minute, it was there in force, but not overwhelming. The dry key lime and the cooling menthol are pretty perfectly balanced in my opinion, I really like this cream.

    Saturday was also my first shot at straight razor shaving, and lets just say that didn't go nearly as well as the new cream! I did half a pass with the straight and two pretty decent cuts later, I substituted a tech. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor!

    Here is a shot of my Iced Key Lime lather, with my Muehle 25mm silvertip fibre!


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