Putting the Smokenator to work! July 4 ribs

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  1. Ribs prepped! Slathered with mustard, and rub.


    The Smokenator doing its thing! I can honestly say I own few products I am this happy with. If you own a Weber Kettle Grill, get one. Stat!



    The Mop was apple cider vinegar with a little sugar and a little 'Rooster' oriental hot sauce.


    Cooking the sauce onto the backs of the ribs on the Weber Genesis. The sauce wasn't from scratch today, but doctored Sweet Baby Ray's. To the SBR I added some cider vinegar, sugar, red pepper flakes and ground cayenne pepper. Not hot, really, just a little soft heat kicker. It worked perfectly.


    And the smoke ring, although these are thin enough it's not really a 'ring'. The whole rib is all pink on all but the thickest portions.


    My wife is actually acting amorous. Might be some fireworks tonight! :001_tt1:

    Yes, they were that good.
  2. and we wernt invited?darn,drool imy keyboard again.
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    Those are great looking ribs!
  4. I've been curious about the smokenator. Nice to see it in action and so highly recommended. Just smoked my first ever batch of ribs on Friday. Very pleased with the results!
  5. I've been looking into the Smokenator myself, too... Looks like I'll have to be gettin' me one soon!
  6. One or two tips I've picked up over the years. . .

    First, close the lower vents about 75%. No need to be very precise, just close them a bunch. I found that with the bottom vents wide open controlling temperature with just the top vent was very tough, wide swings. With partially closed lower vents, however, it is much more stable and you can move the top vent a lot without having huge temperature swings.

    Second, toss the water bucket out completely. Put a Weber or other foil drip pan in the bottom and fill it with HOT water (so it doesn't act as a heat sink). You can never keep the little pan above the coals full, it's worthless.

    You'll get good cooks out of it following the directions with these two tweaks. Enjoy!
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    Great post.

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