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  1. Hello all, my first post.:blink:
    I've been an observer for a while now but recent events have prompted me to ask for assistance.

    I have been wet shaving for years using what ever the latest cartridge version of Gillette was available. While I would like a closer shave, I wasn't quite moved to go to a DE... until now. Granted the costs of the cartridges has gotten completely out of sorts but the final straw for me (silly though it is) was the d*mn packaging. I'm not so old as to blame it on dexterity but the fusion packaging is nearly impenetrable without some form of weapon or power tool. Sorry for the rant, but their loss is now my gain.

    I have ordered a Merkur 38C as well as a Merkur Travel razor; thinking I was freeing myself of the disposable world. Now I've read here that it seems I will not be able to travel with blades in my carry-on. Most of my traveling is 1-2 nights (3-4 times a month) and I always carry-on.

    So after this long winded introduction, my question is: what do most of you do? Is it reasonable to purchase at the destination? Should I just get whatever truck-stop blades I can find? Where's the best place in metropolitan areas to look?

    Or, am I going to still be held a captive of disposable by necessity?

    Any guidance and education is much appreciated.

    matt in nashville
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  2. When I travel via plane for a week or less I never check bags. I pack up my Merkur razor (without blades). Throw in some travel size C. O. Bigelow shave cream, my brush, and decant some Pinaud in travel sized containers. Once on the ground I buy blades at CVS, Walgreens, or the closest drug store. Blades are so cheap I don't care if I leave a couple behind.
  3. I raised a question like this in a thread I started a while back. Scroll down to see the discussion related to your question.

    The short answer is that there isn't a particularly good solution. Even in large metropolitan areas, it's hard to find DE blades in the corner pharmacy.
  4. If you know your itinerary far enough in advance, you could mail a few blades to your destination hotel. Most hotels will hold mail/packages for an arriving guest.
  5. I've found that getting DE blades is not such an easy thing when traveling. But I've had the best luck at most of the larger drug type stores, Rite-Aid, CVS, etc.

    Even if the blades are not the greatest, you can get at least one good shave out of each blade, and what the heck, a cheap pack will last you through your trip.
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    Really - Check a bag when you fly and bring some good stuff on the road. Your face and the people you meet will appreciate it.

    It doesn't really take that much longer to pick up a bag at your destination, and you have the benefit of a good shave on the road.

    Another plus is you won't be fighting all the mooks who insist on jamming a weeks worth of stuff into an oversized carry-on and inconveniencing all the business travellers who just want to stow their laptop but can't because there's no room in the overheads.
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    +1 on Phils advice... it is the best route... I have even taken a str8 this way and loved the pampering
  8. This simply isn't an option for me. I travel to Sweden for short visits frequently. Paying an extra £15 for checking a bag in is just ridiculous. I fly with a budget airline in Europe (Ryanair), they charge for anything and everything. I just have some blades which stay in sweden for me.. as for traveling to places i don't frequent... i'll just buy some blades there.. much cheaper than checking bags in.
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    I feel for you. Of course you know what will and won't work for you personally.
    For me, it's more than the blades alone. I travel all over the world. Some places have blades - some don't.
    But I am not giving up my good razors, great soaps and creams, comfy brushes and my fine aftershaves just because I travel.
    In fact, my travel is much more tolerable with my stuff.
    I feel like, even though I am in a strange place, I have some of the routine and comfort of home with me in my bag.
    My meetings benefit as well, as I can take more than just a change of clothes with the space in the suitcase that the Dopp Kit doesn't fill.
    I've become quite accustomed to a change or two of shoes, comfortable pajamas for the hotel room, and some informal wear for the gym or a walk.
    I must add that my travel is business related, so checked baggage fees get reimbursed.
    To each their own. Good Luck and good shaves to you.
  10. I always check bags but it sounds like that would be a hassle in your situation. You could try the mailing ahead thing or....*gasp* just use disposables on the road. I guess it also depends on how hard DE blades are to come by in the destination country.
  11. As mentioned it depends where you go.

    I doubt you'll have too much trouble finding them in Europe but I just went to the Philippines over the holidays (with a couple stop overs in Hong Kong) hoping to get some good stuff really cheap and couldn't find anything.

    If I hadn't brought my own I would have been in disposable city :thumbdown
  12. Thanks to all for the input.
    Checking is one option for my trips on SWA as they do not charge for bags. Otherwise, I suppose I'll take my shot at finding some there. I can always keep a back-up plastic disposable in-case.

    I'm glad to hear that it seems most of you don't simply succumb to the disposable route but instead find work-arounds. That's what I had hoped to learn and that's what I intend to do.

    Thanks again and I look forward to participating and learning now that I've discovered this place.

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    SWA is my first choice for domestic flights. I only use other carriers when SWA does not go where I have to go.
  14. I took an altoid breath mint tin (small size), put some bubble wrap in it, stuck in two blades, put it in a padded envelope, and mailed it to myself at the hotel where I would be staying (one week in advance, and I let the hotel know there would be a package for me).

    At the airport, I placed my DE, opened, on top of my carry on baggage and informed security as it went through the machine (I preempted any further conversation by telling them that I mail the blades to myself).

    All this worked like a charm. Worst case scenario, the blades don't arrive, and I buy blades or a disposable when I get into town.

    For longer trips, I check bags of course.

  15. If you insist in going the carry on route, then you pretty much have to settle for packing a cartridge. It's only for one or two nights like you said, so it's not that great of a hardship.

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