Pulled Pork Help, Please.

Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by Spivey, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. We are planning to smoke a pork shoulder for Thanksgiving but I am strapped for time...here's what I plan to do:

    Smoke the shoulder (hickory) for about 6 hours at about 210F (in my Weber). Remove from smoke and put the shoulder into the crock pot overnight on low.

    My thought here is that the crock pot will keep everything nice and moist and that 6 hours of smoke is plenty. I know that a lot of people say to finish up in the oven, but I think that the crock pot is a simpler choice.

    I plan to use Bishop's sauce (a North Alabama vinegar sauce) upon finishing.

    Am I missing anything obvious here? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!
  2. I would think you should be fine smoking for 6 and crock for awhile as well
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  4. Solid plan. You just may want to add about 1/4-1/2 cup of water with the pork when it goes into the crock pot. After 6 hours in a smoker the pork will lose a lot of the fat that it usually cooks in while in a crock pot. This should keep the meat from getting to dry. Good luck and have a great Thanksgiving.
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    I think your plan will work out OK. One issue is I do not like to smoke below 235 and am more likely to shoot for 250 as a temperature.
    Remember to avoid the danger zone of temps 45-145, minimize the time the meat is in this zone >4 hours is unsafe.
    The disadvantage of the Crockpot is the steaming will change the texture of the meat. The oven is a better choice if its at all possible.
    Have a great day and take some photos!
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  6. I had thought of that, but hadn't actually come up with a plan yet...what if I reserved some of the brine to use instead of water? I'd like to add flavor whenever possible....
  7. +1 We just did this last night! Turned out great!
  8. I am sure it will work, but I do not see the advantage of the crock pot versus finishing in the oven.

    I do not use a crock pot very much, but I usually think about the food being covered with liquid.

    I would put it in a covered pan, on a rack, in the oven, at 225 and forget about it.

    Also, I am not sure if there is any advantage to going so low while on the Webber. 250 should be fine and it is generally easier to control, unless you have a temp controller, like a BBQ Guru.
  9. One thing that I'd be worried about is all of the fat that normally drains away from the butt would be trapped, stewing the butt in the crock pot. In an oven, you can catch the dripping in a separate pan and keep the meat elevated out of the pool of fat. I would think that would benefit the texture and keep the flavors from getting a "washed out" kind of blandness.

  10. Better plan. The brine should add more flavor than the water without question.
  11. I've successfully done pork shoulders and Boston butts completely in the crock pot. Just rub the meat with Worcestershire sauce, pat on some brown sugar, and then place it in the crock with a cup of apple juice. Let it cook on low for about 10-12 hours. Comes out very moist and flavorful, although not smoked.
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    If you do go with the Crockpot, a thick donut of Aluminum foil to prop the butt up on, will keep the meat from braising in the bottom of the pot.
  13. Man, Jim. That is a great suggestion! Thanks!

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