Proraso Soap Vs. Proraso Cream

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  1. Anyone use (or have used) both? What do you prefer and why??
  2. Used both, prefer the soap --simply just because I tend to prefer soaps in general. The soap is (marginally) cheaper in use. Frankly, I don't think it matters, both are essentially equivalent.

    -- John Gehman
  3. I'm not at all fond of either, but I have a mild preference for the cream. I think it lubricates better.
  4. I use both and actually sometimes at the same time. I often use the ProRaso soap with another cream, such as Trumpers Rose. I like the combination.
  5. I have both and can't tell the difference between them other than the time it takes to lather. Given a particular brush it takes longer for me to lather w/soap than the cream. Other than that, they seem identical but I'm not a picky man. I like the cooling sensation Proraso offers.
  6. I have both, like them both. Sometimes both at once (superlather: cream on face, soap on brush). It's the only mentholated stuff I have (plus, eucalyptus is even better than just menthol, IMHO), so I tend to use it more in hot weather.
  7. I have both and like the soap better. I prefer the lather I get with the soap.
    As always; YMMV.
  8. Same here. I also find that the soap provides better lubrication and protection from nicks.
  9. 1+ for the soap....Better Lub!!! Which is always nice :thumbup1:
  10. Without time constraints, this morning I made a 4-passes with the soap. I seldom make 4 passes. First time my Kent BK4 touches Proraso. Closest shave in my life.
  11. I use both (not at the same time). It seems that whichever one I use I prefer more :) In other words, I don't have a preference. They both have their benefits

    soap takes longer to load but coats the face faster when face lathering
    cream is easier to load but coats the face slower when face lathering

    You really cannot go wrong with either. I think the ingredient lists may be virtually identical
  12. Superlather both!!
  13. I have both (Proraso Green soap and Proraso Blue cream).
    I like the lather and scent of both, but would prefer a soap. I like to load the brush off of a puck.
    I wish i could buy a puck of the Blue.

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