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  1. Has anyone had the chance to try the new Proraso cream in Sandelwood? I would like to try it when I come across it. If you have tried it, what are your thoughts?
  2. Very, very good stuff. A real, authentic sandalwood fragrance. Think "wood" though, not perfume/cologne. No menthol cooling sensation, but a hint of a cool tingle thanks to the sandalwood oil. Very moisturizing. Needs a bit more product to create a lather like the original.
  3. Where do they sell it? I love C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream so I know I will like the Proraso Sandalwood. Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents.

  4. Warhawk, italianbarber carries it and I think bullhoose may as well.
    Not easily found in brick and mortar stores like its bigelow brother.
  5. I got mine on Ebay from England. But I think Italian Barber has it now.

    I am honestly astounded that Proraso was able to pull this off. When it's lathered, you get a full wallop of REAL sandalwood, nothing added or dressed up like TOBS or AOS. Woody, powdery sweet, clean. Smells like sandalwood chips in an incense warmer.
  6. Hurry up before italianbarber runs outs. I love it, true natural scent, and it performs just like other raso creams. !

    Be warned: it does not smell like a designer sandalwood fragrance. This is straight up sandalWOOD
  7. I just ordered the Proraso Sandalwood from QED, I should have it in a day or two, can't wait to try it!
  8. Thank you

  9. Not carried at Bullgoose, Italian Barber does though.
  10. Yes. People need to go in understanding this. Other sandalwoods you may have smelled have been dressed up. Not this.
  11. Proraso sandlewood sounds nice, I use tobs which is a wee bit powerful but still pleasant
  12. I don't know what 'true' sandalwood smells like, but comparing the Red w/ AOS sandalwood (only other one of that scent I have), it is definitely milder. But it is typical Poraso cream in terms of functionality - quite good. I got mine from the aforementioned Italianbarber a few weeks ago.
  13. How does it compare to truefitt and hill sandalwood? That is by far my favorite, but I would be interested in trying this if it isn't too dissimilar.
  14. It's not even close. Like others have mentioned Proraso Sandalwood smells like actual wood, not some cologne.
  15. I got a sample from Gary when he listed it. It is a fantastic cream. Great performance, love the scent.
  16. i like it fine, the Shea comes out more, but as a whole a favorite of mine, actually i was a little disgruntled about the lather but it actually lathered great on my lather bowl, i could not ask for more i give this stuff a 10, a mild sandalwood and a stronger than most Shea, and the shea is soothing
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  17. Just tried Proraso Sandalwood today. The only other sandalwood I've tried was AOS which I found too strongly scented and irritated my skin. The proraso is very nice though, smells great and performs great as well.
  18. Ordered mine from Maguires on the bay using the balance of my ebay bucks so it only cost me a couple of USD shipping. It arrived yesterday and used it this morning. I have not used any other Proraso creams but do use the green tub soap and the Sandalwood performed as well. I'm not good a discerning scents so it smelled a lot like P160 to me but that could just be my nose. I really like the scent. Not over-powering, kind of light and powdery. Only "downside" is that IMHO the lather is not a thick and slick as Bigelow or Palmolive Europe.

    I love Bigelow (4 big tubes), Palmolive Europe (8 sticks, 6 tubes), Wilkinson Sword sticks (4) and ARKO (21 sticks) but this one can easily join my list of favorites. The next tube comes from Joseph at The Italian Barber.

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  19. I just ordered some Proraso red from Italian barber along with some of the new Razorock stuff. This is my first order from them. They have a great selection of shaving supplies and they take Paypal, which is nice.
  20. +1. Interested to try it out

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