Proraso is definitely causing ingrown hairs

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  1. I had posted awhile back if others were getting ingrown hairs with proraso (soap) usage. For the last little while I've been carefully watching my skin reaction based on different soap and cream usage. Sure enough on three different occasions, when my neck has been clear, I switch to Proraso and the next day I feel a tiny bump - the start of a nasty ingrown.

    Within two or three days from that I get one or two MASSIVE ingrown hairs. For whatever reason the soap is not giving me sufficient slickness I suppose. I used a variety of other products during my experiment (two types of KMF, Wilkinson sword soap, Nivea cream, Body Shop cream and Omega cream) and all those resulted in zero problems. I know there is alot of love for this product but I'm just describing my problem with it. I personally enjoy the soap alot but can no longer use it.
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    There must be an ingredient in the Proraso soap that might now agree with you...

    You could try to make superlather with it or compare the ingredients with what works to try and find the faulty dot!
  3. I,as a huge fan of Proraso, hate to hear that. In my former life of shaving with multi-blade cartridge razors and canned goo, I suffered from ingrown hairs on my neck. Proraso was my first cream and the ingrowns went away and have never come back.

    But, every great product doesn't, for whatever reason, work for everybody. The good news is, there are plenty of absolutely fantastic options!
  4. There is no single product that will be the bee's knees for everyone. I am not a Proraso fan, but that is beside the point. If it doesn't work for you then quit using it. I had to quit using Cade shave soap because it made my face breakout in red blotches while nearly everyone else around here loves it.
  5. I find creams are so much better than soaps for ingrown hair issues.
  6. But isn't Omega just repackaged Proraso?
  7. Oh absolutely not. While they may be cousins, the Omega is sooo much better, unless you are allergic to lanolin.
  8. I think Proraso CREAM is the same as Omega Cream. I've never seen Omega soap, but couldn't tell you if they were the same thing.

  9. On my tubes of cream there is a definite difference in ingredients between Omega and Proraso. The Omega has lanolin and the Proraso does not. I can also tell a very noticeable difference. The Omega works much better for me.
  10. It's pretty darn close at least. For me, I had no issues with Omega cream. I think I much prefer cream as I get a much better lather.
  11. I don't know about the creams, but the Proraso and Omega soaps are now the same, at least in terms of their ingredients. They didn't used to be; Omega soap contained lanolin, whereas Proraso did not. Now, neither of them do, but Santa Maria Novella "cream" (which is the same kind of product as the Proraso and Omega soaps) does contain lanolin, and has the same ingredients as the old Omega soap.
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    I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fan of Proraso, too.
    And I necessarily have to agree with MrMoJoe.
    Sorry to hear this wonderful product did not work for you.
    As about me, Proraso gives me so great shaves that I do consider it a true Italian marvel.:thumbup1:
  13. Only about 10 * the $$ :001_smile

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