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Discussion in 'BullGoose Shaving' started by BullGoose, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. BullGoose

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    Are there products that I do not carry but that you wish I did? If so, please let me know in this thread. While I cannot promise that I will add the product or product line, I will definitely look into it and do my research.
  2. witch hazel...i was a bit surprised last time when i was placing order with you,that you never had it.I think its one of the basics that almost everyone or most of the people keep in their shaving den.Just my opinion.

    and yea some soaps which are good,but not readily available like Savon du midi,Calani,dittmar etc...
  3. BullGoose

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    I had looked at witch hazel but the extremely slim profit margin makes in unfeasible. Here in the States, people can pick up generic witch hazel at Target or Wallmart for a song. It is also relatively heavy so shipping would cost customers more than the actual product.

    I will investigate the soaps.
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  4. oh! never knew this,thanks for the info .Yea right, then it would not make any sense to keep it.
    Well you can look into those soaps if you feel like,people have very good opinions of it,from whatever i have seen in the forums
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    Yes...I have exchanged a few emails with Calani. It is made by an artisan so she was not able to offer much of a wholesale price. That was 6 months ago though so I should follow up. The other two soaps are new to me and I will see what I can find out.
  6. thanks... :ouch1:
  7. Castle Forbes line of shaving creams.
  8. Tcheon Fung Sing Bergamotto Neroli Soap?
  9. BullGoose

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    Castle Forbes is definitely on my radar. Thanks for the suggestion.

    This is a fairly new one to be. I started seeing it pop up on the forums recently and will see what I can find out. Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. Hi Phil,

    2 thoughts.

    Sue Darnell Vitos

    As many of us keep more than one soap/cream in our rotation, I'm reluctant to commit to a 1 kg. brick of Cella (I've heard that the red tub is slightly different) or the large brick of Vitos. It would be great if you could offer 1/4 or 1/2 portions of those products. I certainly understand that this may be profitable or even really possible, but I think there's certainly a need for smaller portions.
  11. I would love to see Dr. Selby Soap in your catalog.
  12. (Don't know what happened above!)

    How about some L.T. Piver colognes? Cuir de Russie is a fave... It also would be nice to see the new line of Muehle synthetic shaving brushes, which are terrific, as well as some their cheaper HJM brushes. Vie-Longs in horse-badger (regular sized, not barber-sized) are great too.

    As far as the witch-hazel request goes, IMO there is a big difference between the Target-Walmart special and Thayer's. And while it may be found in health-food stores and specialty grocery stores in larger cities, it can be difficult to find elsewhere. Thayer's original unscented w/aloe vera (alcohol formulation) is my favorite after-shave bar none.
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  13. BullGoose

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    You are me both! I am working on it but it looks like they will not sell to the U.S.

    Great suggestions so far. I will add some synthetic brushes the next time I place an order with Muhle. I will look into the L.T. Piver colognes.
  14. BullGoose

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    I did do that briefly with the P160. I would be game for it but need to hire some help first. Repackaging and relabeling ends up being a bit time consuming.
  15. Knize Ten aftershave
    Knize Ten EDT
  16. Hi Phil, had previously searched your site for a Tabac puck. I see other tabac products and even see the stick. I might have just overlooked it but if you don't carry it will you carry the puck in the future? Thanks for all the other stuff.
  17. BullGoose

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    I used to carry the Tabac refill puck and bowls but the wholesale price increased to such an extent, I had to drop it.
  18. BullGoose

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    I would love to add Knize Ten but have not had any luck finding a supplier. When I have some time after the holidays, I will do another search.
  19. Sullybob

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    I'll send you my application :001_smile

    Lots of really good suggestions already.
  20. AFG


    How about Fitjar products?

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