Product for very short hair-- do they still make Butch Wax?

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  1. I recently gave up the ghost on my thinning hair and got a fade, #1 on the sides and a #2 on the top with a bit of fringe at the front. I recently purchased the Axe crew cut product, but that seems to be little more than sunscreen and does little for my hair.

    I'd like a product that can help me style what remains of my hair and gives it a little gloss. Any recommendations?
  2. Depending on how much hold you want, try Layrite. It holds like a wax but is water soluble - it washes out like regular gels/pomades. It holds more firmly than the old pink butch wax I used as a kid, but it doesn't get hard; it stays pliable. Lots of shine, too. I love it.
  3. I use this: $krewcomb10.jpg

    Old school made for crew cut/ flat top hairstyles.

    You can find it at any Sally Beauty Supply store in their pitifully small men's section. :wink2:

    It's the original pink butch wax.
  4. That's the pink stuff I was talking about! I haven't seen that in ages!
  5. I use Moose wax (primarily bees wax). I don't have thinning hair but I do rock a closed #1 on the back and sides, a closed #2 on the top and minimum fringe. It has great hold, washes out easily and still maintains that "wet look" throughout the day. I will admit it can look a little flat if I grow hippy girly locks - that is longer than a closed #3 on the sides.
  6. Crew Fiber works great for short hair
  7. +1 I prefer wax to fibre but crew is good stuff.
  8. I also use American Crew's Fibre in my rotation. It imparts a different look to your hair than Krew Comb. Fibre gives a matte finish (zero shine) and is stiffer to the touch. I like it because it washes out easily, too. The scent is okay, nothing to rave about.

    You might also want to look into their d:fi line - the pliable moulding creme is also excellent and applies much easier than the fibre. The scent is tropical; pina-colada/coconut but fades quickly after applying.

    $crew_fibre.jpg $crew-dfi.jpg
  9. I was at a Japanese mall a few weeks back looking for shave gear and discovered Tancho. I absolutely love this stuff. Amazing hold, great smell, ( lavender) never though I would have been a fan. After a little research it has quite a celeb following as well. found that bit interesting side in today's age it's all about endorsements and who pays the most.
  10. How do you use Krew Komb? I have a #2 buzz sides and usually longer on top depending on the season. Do you use it everywhere including the back and sides, or just on the top longer area? How much do you use and how do you apply it? Does it have to be 'worked in' or do you just hit the ends/high spots with it?

    This is new to me----I've never put gunk in my hair before! Thanks.
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  11. Take a marble-sized piece out of the jar, work it between the palms of your hands until evenly coated, then work your hands through hair. Comb/brush as needed to set style.

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