Proctor & Gamble fighting back?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Walking_Target, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Well...

    I had an odd experience this morning...

    UPS showed up. At first i thought it was a long-awaited order from Giovanni... until i noticed that it was 'Brown' at the door. Nope... my MP3 player had been replaced instead of repaired by the manufacturer... not too bad a start to the day....

    Then about a minute later, as i'm opening up the box for my MP3 player... the mailman drops some stuff in our box.

    Lo and behold, there's a blue and white box from Proctor & Gamble, addressed to me.

    I'll be dipped... In the box there was a trial Fusion razor, some toothpaste and a tiny tube of lady's face cream (oil of olay or something... i didn't pay attention)

    all i have to say is that i was rather shocked to see such a package, this definitely isn't their usual "Hey, you're 18... have a razor". Methinks they got my info off of Amazon when I ordered some shave soap awhile back. Either way... Now i have a free fusion razor... Methinks i'll review it when compared to my DE and Straight razor routines in the next few weeks.
  2. Before I switched over to DEs, I would get one or two razors sent to me in the mail every year. I have thrown probably 10 razors in the trash over the last several years. The different razor companies are trying to get you addicted to their razors so they can clip you for $3-$5 per cartridge.
  3. it seems that P&G are having a hard time getting people to move from mach 3 to fusion, here they currently showring a advertising campaign about "giving a push" from mach3 to fusion,

    it seems that alot of people allready see the 4 and 5 blade offerings from Schick/Wilkinson and gillette as ridiculous, the new quattro is a bit funny, it carried a beard trimmer on the handle, it seems somewhat excessive,
  4. I've never received unsolicited razors in the mail. Guess they realize I'm a lost cause.
  5. Well, the price was right!

    Thinkig on it, i'm going to do a comparative review, two days with my straight, two with a DE and then two with a Fusion. I'll follow the generally accepted methodologies for each to see how it works, then do my writeup.

    Off to shave with my straight :biggrin:
  6. jkh


    DE, wet, straight shavers aren't even a blip on the map of P&G and the cartridge market. Sorry, but even as cool as we all are, our numbers are too low to really affect their market share.

    I have received numerous free Gillette razors in the mail (Mach III, Fusion, etc) prior to DE shaving and received one since DE shaving. kwk285 is correct, they want you to buy their cartridges. It works, I (and many men I know) shaved with my "free" Mach 3 for close to a decade because I got it in the mail and blades were readily available.
  7. Last week I saw a pack of Mach 3 refills that included a free Fusion :)
  8. I got one of those Fusions in the mail last year. It's still under the sink for one of those "emergencies".

    Thankfully, I haven't had to use it.
  9. i've gotten a few of them this year... three or so from the college and this one in the mail... and one other from somewhere i can't remember.

    Seems so wasteful to me, especially now that as soon as i'm done this review, it'll either get tossed under the sink or put out for my SWMBO to use on her legs..

    Oh, there's another benefit to switching to DE and straight shaving... the girlfriend/wife becomes nervous about using your razors to shave their legs!
  10. I'm with Dom. I've never recieved a free razor either. Some of you guys are saying you've gotten 3 or 4. I'm feeling neglected over here! :crying:

    Not that I want the POS; it's just not very courteous of them. :biggrin:
  11. Some how I have gotten on many mailing lists for these different companies. I get sent free crap all the time. I think it is another curse with growing older.
  12. I am with Eagle and Dom. I don't seem to get free stuff. I am thankful that some of these people don't have my mailing address.
  13. I have also received Fusion,gillete and H&S shampoo, some cream and stuff in white and blue package from P&G two weeks back.

    Since I am devoted to DE shaving and my dad been using a Mach 3, I gave my dad a Fusion and after few days of shaving my dad has told me that it gives so much smoother shave than M3 and now he is getting his 5'o clock shadow at 8 or 9 pm.

    So Fusion is not bad from what I can see but their main business is in cartridge it wouldnt hurt them to give some free razors as long as customer buys their cartridge.There's also some $10 coupon going around for Fusion.Google it if want to try Fusion you can get one free from the store with this coupon.
  14. <--- Not feeling the free razor love... better still, sicne I'd end u pthrowing it away anyway :)
  15. Hmmm... sounds like counterfeit paraphernalia. I'd be careful with that fake Procter & Gamble stuff. :lol:

    I know your spell checker probably prompted you to spell Procter incorrectly because proper names don't always follow rules.
  16. counterfeit paraphernalia:lol: u r funny:tongue_sm
  17. Spell checker my knee!

    That's just me before i've had my daily dose of caffine!
  18. Alacrity59

    Alacrity59 Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    I love the ads for Fusion . . . "when the blue strip is gone it is time to change your blade . . . " I guess at $4 a pop a lot of folk are milking the blades for all they can get.
  19. when i was a grad student at rutgers they were handing out some free razors. so i got a shick 4 blader for free. used it for a couple of shaves then tossed it. i'm sure if you played your cards right you would never have to buy cartridges again. just keep using the free razors.

    i personally like the tiger woods, derek jeter, and rodger feder commericals were they encourage guys to "upgrade" because 5 is better then 3. i've read a few articles on-line and it seems most of the money goes into the ads for this crap. i.e. how can we sell these people something that is about the same but costs twice as much?
  20. Gillette in '70's, made some commercial for there DE razor/blade too you know guys!!!! And, if you put it in perspective, they were not better than commercials of today, and the "pushing" power was the same (in percpective of these years), Gillette was on t.v, use baseball super star to sell DE razor, "I use it, you need it", blablabla, etc. think about it "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose". :cool: Relaxe, it's all about business. In 40 years, our child will want to use multiblade mach3 (just for nostalgia), and P&G or xyz company will try sell to sell them the last super dooper "laser" razor gadget. And so on. If you want to be real "purist", just go get a knife, and sharp it on a rock. Ok, I exagerate, but I just want to provoque some reaction, but you got the point of my opinion. 40 years ago, it was the same thing, some use straight razor, and Gillette want to sell DE to those people, it was the last super gadget that all men should use. Today, P&G want to sell Fusion blade to those who use 3 blades razor. Same patern. It's all about money, like 40 years ago. P&G is a business, like Gillette 40 years ago. It's all about making money, and produce better product. What's wrong with that? really, why are you so aggressive with modern stuff. Gillette was not better 40 years ago, they were there to sell there "modern stuff" too you know guys, and doing a lot of money, a lot, with, our dad's :001_rolle

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