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  1. I have been hearing so much about the benefits of Pre-shave oil that I want to give it a try. I am a little concerned about the effects on my skin. While I am 35, I still have fairly oily skin and tend to have my pores clog pretty easily. I currently use Edge ActiveCare Cleansing shave cream because it is light with little lather and does not leave me with oily skin all day. Historically, I have had success with cleansing types of shave gels/creams.

    Given that, will shave oil leave me with oily skin? I have been considering the CO Bigelow Pre-shave Oil for sensitive skin. I would like something I can get locally, so this would fit the bill, plus it is priced right.

    For what it is worth, I currently use a Gillette Fusion Power razor with the previously mentioned shave cream in the shower. My prep includes a face scrub and face wash to both prep the beard and clean my face. My facial hair does not grow too quickly (I get a five o'clock shadow after a day and a half) but my facial hair is quite thick so I tend to shave every day. Going longer than that is too tough on the blade.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I enjoy pre-shave oil and use it often. I don't think you should have a problem since its only on your face a very short time. The Art of Shaving oil is my favorite, either LAV, lemon, or unscented. When you shave it comes off completely and does not leave the skin oily. Give it a try.
  3. I use Nancy Boy pre shave oil in day out. I like the smell and it makes my first WTG pass extremely smooth IMO. Neccessary? No. I like the aromatherapy benefits mostly. If you want to experiment w/ ps oils I would strongly suggest looking up the home brews that are plentiful on here. A basic olive oil will work but adding it to castor oil helps tremendously. There is alot different opinions on this stuff and it works different on everyone. Some hate and some praise. The oiliness of your skin should not matter b/c it comes off usually after the 2nd pass and with your a/s rinse. Good luck and welcome aboard!
  4. I too have been thinking about using preshave oil and I have a question. I facelather with shave soap, would this process wipe away any preshave oil that I have put onto my face, thus rendering the preshave oil useless?
  5. I have a bottle of AOS unscented. I used it when I first started wet shaving (wow old timer me, been doing it for about a month). It seemed to help a bit. The AOS smells to me to be just olive oil, but others say its castor(?) oil. use a puddle the size of a dime or nickel, and rub it into your face. I make the first 2 passes and they have always been smooth with little to no irritation. I get the burn and rash on the last 1 or 2 passes. It seemed that by that point in the shave the oil has been removed from my face. So then what I did was reapply the oil between passes 2 and 3. Then I thought... hmm I don't need the oil on the first 2 passes, this stuff is expensive, lets just put it on when I need it, towards the end of the shave...
    This helped somewhat. However the oil made my brush gunky and I would have to shampoo it fairly often to keep it real clean and soft. I then tried proraso pre/post, and haven't touched the AOS oil since...
  6. Very good question btw. I would have to say facelathering with a best or firmer bristle brush would probably dilute or remove the oil but please dont quote me on that. The reason I use the NB is b/c of the castor oil base with is very thick and adheres to the face better than say mineral or olive or safflower oil etc. I use a bowl to lather and "paint" the lather on however I do face lather with a small asst of soaps that I cant get going in a bowl--different thread! Experiment to try though.....Apply the oil to half your face.....lather as normal. Shave as normal and decide if you can tell a difference and do a light rinse and feel your face and you should be able to still feel the oil on the skin.

    Read the reviews and you will here all spectrums about PS oil. Like I said, I love the Nancy Boy but think the T&H stuff sucks.

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