Pre-shave creams/oils preventing close shave

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  1. I've been using the Proraso white pre-shave cream, and it's been fantastic for preventing redness and razor burn. However, I find my shaves are not as close since I've been using it. Is this a common thing with pre-shave creams/oils?
  2. I haven't experienced this but I suppose it's possible. If its leaving enough behind maybe it's making your skin too slick and then more pressure might be required? (just a guess, attempt at your own risk.)
  3. It's quite uncommon, actually. Most people find they either help or are neutral. Maybe you're using too much product?
  4. I would conncur with this. Use just a small small amount and rub it in well.
  5. What razor are you using?

    Few agree with me here, but I've noticed that when using very slippery creams with very mild razors (both DE and Cartridge) I can't get a close shave. Your Proraso pre-shave cream may be having a similar effect.
    That's not the case with pre-shave oils like AOS and plain olive oil though.
  6. I use the Proraso Pre/Post cream and usually rub it in really well, then let it soak in while I build my lather and get ready to shave. Then, before applying my lather, I splash a little water on my face. The menthol feeling remains but there's not too much pre/post cream left, then I lather and shave with great results each time.
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    As said above, it should not impact the closeness of your shave.
  8. pre shaves=raise the hairs
    aftershaves=cool the skin down

    sounds like your angle isnt right..and or your blade isnt sharp enough
  9. Try putting it away and coming back to it in 6 months, it's often the case that products somehow improve themselves by sitting in a drawer for a while ;)
  10. Haven't tried the proraso pre/post (it's on my shipping list). But this process sounds like a win to me. Think I'll try it this way once I purchase some.
  11. +1
  12. Besides the good advice of putting pre-shave oil away for a few months and re-trying it later, among the other options is what seems to have worked for me: applying pre-shave oil (I now use my own mix of oils) before applying hot towels to the face. Doing so promotes the oil's absorption into my skin, providing excellent skin protection while seeming to keep the oil from getting in the way of the lather and the shave.
  13. I apply before hot towel as well. I find it helps my skin hold in a touch more hydration. Could all be in my mind however as many things are!
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    i tried the Proraso and didn't care for it. Now I use Trumper's West Indian Lime Skin Food for pre-shave and quite like it.

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