Pre-cut Replacement Scales - Know a Good Vendor?

Discussion in 'Restoration & Razor Making How-To's.....' started by Brush_with_Fame, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Learning to restore, and have a few eBay blades that could use scales...
    Can anyone suggest a vendor that sells pre-cut razor scales?

    Doesn't have to be fancy (i.e. horn).
    Wood and acrylic would work...

    Oh, and like to avoid Dovo and TI replacements,
    as they seem kinda pricey.

    Thanks, Gents!
  2. Man, you guys are great. Thanks.

    Next time I'll use Mammoth bone. ;)
  3. Thanks, appreciate it... Alan
  4. Ahh, that's THAT guy! I didn't realize it. Thanks for pointing it out. Sorry I posted it as a good service.
  5. Sorry to bring up an old thread... but in case I don't make my scales well, I would like a cheaper alternative to going full custom... especially for 5/8ths. I've checked the bay and the places mentioned. Anywhere else?
  6. Its hard to beat Whipped Dog for the prices, have a look for some plain and simple acrylic scales.

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