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  1. Heres mine so far lets see your rotation of razors[​IMG][/IMG] L TO R FUTUR,39C,COBRA CLASSIC,R41,SLIM,FB,34G,37G
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    My rotation consists of a pre-war Fat handled Tech, NDC Superspeed, Senator, Diplomat, British Aristocrat #15, Rocket HD, New, New Standard, a Tuckaway with a New Improved head, Slim Adjustable and a Parker 65R. I also have a pre-war Ball end Tech that I keep at my condo in Florida.

  3. [​IMG]
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  4. That razor just oozes Bad A$$! That has to be the Chuck Norris of razors! LOL
  5. I had a rotation but the other razors melted into nothingness in it's presence !
    LOL !
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  6. Hows the ikon compare to the R41? It looks cool is it aggressive?

  7. Wouldn't say it's all that agressive

    I haven't shaved with an R41,but can say neither side of the OSS is as aggressive as a Gillette OLD.Although the OC side looks much like a Gillette Long Comb New,the shave is much more efficient yet smoother.The closed comb side is less agressive than a Weber but the results are quite good with even less irritation.What I really like about the CC side is the razor angle required to hit the "sweet spot" is surprisingly shallow.
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  8. alex2363

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    i do my Joris for 3 to 5 days, then my Toggle 3-5, then Streamline 2-5, then its whatever i feel like.
  9. Futur, Ej89, President , 58SS, then back around. But that Futur pretty much is a kill joy as it leaves very little stubble 24 hrs later:)
  10. Old School rotation!!

  11. '52 SS from Oct thru Apr and Merkur 34G from May thru Sept. I sold or PIF'd all my others except for a backup SS.
  12. The only time that I THOUGHT had been a loan of a Fat Boy stuck in my head as having been a "short" razor similar to a Super Speed, but that picture seems to reveal a very close handle length comparison between a Slim and a fat Boy (Glen was my brother in law in the 1970s). Maybe I'd already transitioned to the Super Adjustable at the time, or else he loaned me something different that did have a shortish, fattish handle . .

    Meanwhile, I only recently ended up with a sizable number of old razors I might want to create order from chaos with, and assign each one its own day of the week. But not yet. Chaos still reigns, no order, just whimsy.
  13. I sold off most of my razors and don't really go antiquing anymore as well. I now have the following (I'll take a pic later). At one point, I had about 40

    Single Edge Razors
    Open Comb MM (thanks Arley)
    Schick Adjustable

    DE Razors
    iKon S3S
    iKon OSS
    Weber DLC
    Gillette New LC
    Gillette New SC
    Gillette Tech
    Old Type
    EJ DE89 Barley
    Merkur 1904
    Merkur 37C **can't believe I forgot this one**

    The den will probably be culled down more soon enough as well.
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  14. ackvil

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    Here's my DE rotation.

    $DE razors.jpg

    I use one DE razor for as long as the blade feels good and then go on to the next. I generally alternate between a DE razor and then a SE razor.

    $SE latest.jpg
  15. Merkur Vision,Merkur 1904,50's superspeed,40's superspeed,Early date Schick Krona,1940's clix plastic/bakelite,no name 40's or 50's bakelite,Schick Eversharp se injector
  16. My current Shave Rotation: Fatip, Sticky, 39C, Red Tip, Double Ring, Senator, Aristocrat (not sure which this one is...its made in US), Toggle, R41, Tradere. Tradere, Fatip, and Senator are my favs.

    $photo (1).jpg
  17. My current rotation includes a Gillette New, Gillette Tech, Edwin Jagger 89 and a Parker 60R. The Ikon razor posted above looks like an amazing piece of kit, I may yet have to add one to my rotation!!
  18. Ooh, blantyre, I was mentioning to my wife just yesterday that we need something EXACTLY like that!! Did you make it, or purchase that shelf? If purchased, what is it?

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