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    With one of the new Straight Razor forum Stewards hailing from Sweden, I thought the next installation of "Post Your Pictures" should celebrate Swedish steel. With that, I give you Jens (Honed).
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  2. Thank you Henry!

    The Steward team's man in Sweden.. writing about Swedish straight razors. Please do not count on any objectivity at all from my side in this thread...

    Albeit my judgment is clearly clouded by my heritage, I still feel that I'm not being (to) pompous when I claim that some of the best razors ever
    forged by human hands were made in the little town of Eskilstuna, situated right in the middle of the beautiful inland archipelago of Lake Mälaren.

    I wrote a bit about the old forges here so I won't repeat myself.

    Please let us all see your Swedish razors!
    Precious gems & day-to-day workhorses.

    If you want some help with ID'ing or anything else vaguely related to Swedish steel, please feel free to ask away & I'll do my very best to help you out.
    With the help from the rest of You of course!

    I'll also try to do a write-up on some interesting things regarding the old forges, the making & the honing of these beauties that I have gathered from some very interesting people.
    Including a honing test with some really old school equipment featuring my own father!
    But that will be in a near future.

    Let us make this a picture-thread filled of great razors, but also a place where all knowledge we collectively have about Swedish straights is gathered!

    Now let's get this party started!!

    Maybe the most wellknown maker of all:
    C.V Heljestrand. Here are 2 from Heljestarnds top-of-the-line "MK-series" MK31&MK32, 5/8 & 6/8

    There were some stiff competition to Heljestrand:
    E.A Berg was one of them (fun Berg fact: Mrs Berg put the final edge on all razors leaving the factory!)

    Klas Törnblom:
    This "185" is a 13/16 ½ hollow & one of the meanest razors I've ever tried!

    F.W Söderén was an apprentice at Heljestrand & obviously picked up a few things..

    6/8 shoulderless:

    5/8 frameback:

    9/16 shoulderless: (PIFed)

    Eskilstuna Jernmanufaktur or in short "Jernbolaget" made all sorts of cutlery.
    But despite them not specializing on straight, they are one of my top pics.
    The steel is so hard & yet takes an incredibly smooth edge.

    6/8 frameback (arguably my best shaver)
    5/8 frameback

    Over the years people learned the art of making a straight at one forge & eventually
    decided that they could make it better.
    Some like Fredrik Söderén & Klas Törnblom succeeded & earned a whole lot of money.
    Others made really good razors but never got a commercial break-thru.
    One good example is Eriksson&Björklund started by two old Törnblom employees:
    Basic full hollow 5/8 with exceptional steel. Just as good as any of the big makers. But virtually unknown company.
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    Rot Zwei - Swedish Silver Steel 6/8

  4. professorchaos

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    Thank you Jens!

    A couple of mine. I need to get sufficiently good pictures of a couple others.

    CV Heljestrand - MK 31, Tortoise Shell Scales



    CV Heljestrand - MK 33, Horn Scales (not original)


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    Jens, your razors and heritage both are facinating!!!

    Thank you!
  6. MK 31 - after-market scales :huh:. Need to get those changed!

    MK 32 - Ivory #1.

    MK 32 - Ivory #2, retailer's name engraved on blade.

    Kindal 'Le Prince' - in the mail. I missed her the first time, but not the second!
  7. Thanks :blushing:
    If you want to study us Swedes up close, go to Minnesota (or just watch NHL) :lol:

    You got some good blades there!

    Those scales on the #31 could be an acquired taste...

    Eskilstunaboden was a rather big chain of hard ware stores that had stores in most parts of the country around WWII.
    I got a MK#30 from Eskilstunaboden, mine is from Gothenburg.
    Yours is from Linkoping, Sweden's 4th biggest town.
    Eskilstunaboden is actually still around, they call themselves "E-Boden" nowadays. No major player anymore though.

    The Kindal was made exclusively for the French market.
    Haven't tried one actually. Should be a treat for you:thumbup1:
  8. I'm a little embarressed to say that I only have one Swedish straight amongst my keepers. I did recognise this a little while ago and I've got another couple inbound, in the post.

    If you're only going to have one Swedish straight, then it might as well be a good one. It's a 5/8 faux frameback, EV Heljestrand in genuine ivory.
    What a wonderful shaver this is.


    In the post I have another Heljestrand.


    and a beautiful 13/16 Klas Tornblom from Jens himself.

  9. professorchaos

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    This thread is awakening my SRAD. :thumbup:
  10. I'm a little embarrassed that I'm Swedish and don't have any Swedish razor at all. I need to take care of that I guess. I'll spend 3 weeks in Sweden over christmas though so maybe I should keep an eye on Tradera (Swedish equivalent of Ebay) or something :w00t:
  11. I'd forgotten this one. The razor is an 11/16ths quarter hollow by Paul Losenbeck, Solingen. Made of 'Eskilstuna Stahl'. Rundfunk brand.

  12. What a nice idea for a thread. I have 4 swedish razors in working condition. Here are some pics recycled from my thread. Unfortunately I do not have a picture featuring only my Erik Anton Berg 5/8 full hollow. Maybe I will make one later.

    First out the Klas Törnblom which appears to be a 4/8 and is a fabulous little shaver.

    In the next picture, above my Heljestrand 6/8 Wedge with its steel scales is easily my heaviest razor and a very smooth shave and underneath it my Soederén faux frameback which is my absolute favorite.

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  13. You need to get that sorted out ASAP!

    You need to get that sorted out ASAP! :biggrin1:

    That is indeed a wicked shaver!
    If you ever see a Jernbolaget in that model. grab it! It's even better then the Söderén!
  14. Man all these MK 31's and 32's......sigh... someday I'll get my hands on one. Lovely pictures gents - keep em coming.
  15. Of course. Would you have any ideas on where is a good place to look in Skåne? Or is it blocket/tradera that is the best place?
  16. This is one of my all-time favorite razors. I've had a few and sold my duplicates but I never get rid of all of them.

  17. Here are two I own/have owned:

  18. professorchaos

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    Urge to buy razors rising.
  19. I only have two. One used to be Jens razor, and is the same as one he already posted a picture of. Why not add another picture? Mine aren't as good as everyone else's though as these will be cell phone pictures.

    6/8 Erik Anton Berg frameback

    It's my second favorite shaver next to my Le Grelot.

    6/8 C.V. Heljestrand Mk.6 Half Hollow

    I traded a Japanese razor for it. I'm not a fan of it's huge and awkward plastic scales, so I was thinking of replacing them with red stamina or blond horn TI scales. When I first received it, the edge was okay, so I decided to dull it and start over on my Coticule. It's proving an absolute bear to hone/dial in right. I hope this blade will be worth it.
  20. So there is no spare one for me Telly, I love the look of this one, if you got a spare one, just PM me?:001_smile:blushing:

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