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  1. We all enjoy taking part in this long lost manly art, but im guessing we all have other things that we love to do. Im anxious to see how this turns out, what with the great demographics we have on B&B. Anyhow, here are mine

    • Working out. Our Campus recently opened a new 3 story gym and I love going there to train (there is also basically anything you could ever want there as far as sports is concerned. Aside from feeling good, im also trying to build up the strength to peform feats of strength, such as wrench bending.
    • I love hanging out with my friends and being social. Whether its going to a club or just going over to someone's house, being out and about it the greatest feeling for me.
    • I also love shooting my air guns. People who have firearms my scoff at it, but I think that just shooting cans with my pellet gun is awesome. These things are nothing like those airsoft guns that shoot those plastic balls. These guns are much more powerful.
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  2. I like vintage gaming (Atari 2600/7800, Nintendo Entertainment System), reading science fiction, cooking, learning foreign languages, listening to tech podcasts like Windows Weekly, Maximum PC No BS podcast, and Tech News Today (I keep some speakers in the bathroom that I connect my iRiver mp3 player to so I can listen while shaving), and watching films.
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  3. Football (soccer)
    Martial arts (chinese)
    Chasing women
  4. I do a lot of things.



    Guitar player (that's a pre Fender Jackson USA Kelly trans sunburst finish)

    Hunter, Mathews M6 (that is a 2011 model but I have the 2009 model which is the same minus the wafflemaker)
    No,I do not believe in speed. I shoot 560gr arrows. I do not believe in shooting fishing pole tips with fletchings.

    Guess I could add freediving too. When I am in shape I can dive to 60feet and shoot fish, and my best static time is 3min, 25sec.
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  5. @ Neo... Wrench Bending? That is awesome. I have never really thought of something like that.
  6. Sex
    Fishing (salt/fresh/fly/offshore/bass)
    Underwater photography
    Cave diving
    General Aviation
    Alpine skiing
    Sporting clays
    Wildlife photography
    Aviation photography
    Riding motorcycles
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  7. hunting
    bushcraft(primitive camping skills)
    playing guitar and bass occasionally
  8. 1 wife
    2 cats
    3 guitars
    and several thousand pictures of fish
  9. Hope you like pics......

    I make things, cars, household stuff, outdoor things. Whatever, I just like to create.

    I like to pinstripe



    Recent clock I made

    Current car project

    Outdoor bar & ponds (still a work in progress)


    I like to create something from nothing or re-purpose something into a new item. Plus I have a ton of collections and hobbies, home theater, electronics and computers are another big thing for me. I have an addictive personality so adding shaving into the mix was just another piece to my disorder :w00t:
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  10. I play alot of soccer so can never have too much equipment or jerseys.

    Also love snorkeling and bike ridding.
  11. I like to build guns, I am just finishing off some mil-surp caliber changes and a full custom deer rifle built from a odd length Mauser action.

    I like to shoot said guns, at targets or live animals.

    I like to fresh water fish, I just recently picked up a bunch of new lures to try out for the new season.

    Now I am going to pick up pipe smoking, although it may end up replacing my hated ciggarettes.
  12. Video Games (XBox 360)
    Whiskey (I run an enthusiast blog)
    Martial Arts (Okinawan)

    That's about all I have time for. Everything else revolves around my wife, daughter, dogs, and house.
  13. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    Trap and Skeet
    Collecting razors oops, forgot.
    Playing Guitar and Bass
    I have an interest in anything technlogy based except cell phones. I don't have one and I don't want one.
  14. 1. Loving my spouse, my family and enjoying life. :001_tt1:

    "In order to have harmony...A House must become a Home". Christopher Jenkins

    2. Cooking/Culinary Arts
    [​IMG] "Success is a lot of small things done correctly". Chef Fernand Point

    3. Goaltending
    [​IMG] "Only God saves more than Goaltenders". Christopher Jenkins

    4. Cigars
    [​IMG] "My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best". Sir Winston S. Churchill

    5. The Perfoming Arts
    [​IMG] "[The performing arts,] Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul". Plato

    Christopher :lol1:
  15. djh

    djh Moderator

    I guess that I have a personality that leads easily to the collecting habit...
    - wine
    - Scotch
    - pocket knives
    - watches
    I also love photography, music, reading and writing.
  16. i mostly just chat, mostly
  17. cooking ....

    and lowriding .. i know i know, let the hate begin!
  18. Lessee:

    • There's my rock band from college: I'm the bassist/sometimes guitarist/lead vocalist, and I write many of our songs. Now that we're all in the same city again, we've started that back up.
    • I love to play and watch tennis. I played competitively in high school, but the intervening college and grad school years made me too busy. I'm now getting back into it.
  19. bc9


    motorcycling, vintage stereo equipment, collecting classic rock & jazz albums, photography...
  20. Funny how we all seem to have similar interests outside of here! My list...

    Family & friends
    Motorcycles (I have 5 and they cover the spectrum)
    Leather Craft
    Old Cub Cadets (?)
    All the forums I'm involved with that pertain to all the above.

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