Post-shave - Witch Hazel vs Trumper's Skin Food?

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  1. I have tried both of these products and I think they are both fantastic for soothing/healing after a shave.

    I have run out but don't have the funds to purchase both. Which one should I buy? My main aim is to take care of any razor burn and leave the skin feeling nourished.

    What is the actual difference in the benefits of the two products?
  2. For me, the GFT Limes skin food stands head and shoulders over any/all witch hazel.
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    Witch Hazel is pretty cheap stuff. Depending on your skin you may want a moisturizer after that. There are lots of them out there and they're not all expensive. It would have been nice to try just the Witch Hazel to see the results - but that seems like a useless suggestion if your all out.
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    WH is inexpensive and lasts a long time.
  5. I use both , or ill substitute proraso pre post in for gft
  6. Cheap WH is all you need. Suggest putting it into a small spray bottle. You get good coverage and waste a lot less that way. I do, every day.
  7. I love GFT Skin Food Sandal wood I bought a 500mL one from WCS that should last me longer than all my software haha
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    I use both. I'll rinse my face, then wipe my face with a witch hazel soaked cotton ball, rinse then apply either skin food or Nivea ASB. Personally think the Nivea is superior at soothing, moisturizing and dealing with razor burn compared to any other product I've used. YMMV, of course!
  9. I use both. WH is just a few dollars everywhere I have seen it, unless you buy Thayers. If you are buying Thayers, you sure won't need the Skin Food.

    I usually use the WH just after the shave, then I apply my "balm" of choice when my face dries.
  10. I often use both after a shave.
  11. Witch Hazel is never my sole A/S. I always use WH then a splash or balm(or wax) afterwards.
  12. Trumper Skin Food.

  13. +1. I use Thayers, both the unscented alcohol free and the medicated super hazel. I find Thayer's to be more soothing than GFT skin food, though the Lime is the only one I have used. I love the GFT Lime scent, but I found skin food to leave a slightly sticky finish vs. the WH which finishes clean every time.
  14. Use the Witch Hazel and create your own skin food. This is what I do and it works great just have to purchase a few items and you can create it yourself and mix it up in the portions that you prefer.

    8 ounces witch hazel
    1 tablespoon of Glycerin (Purchase at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby)
    1 or 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel (Can be found where hand lotion and Sunscreen is placed in your store or Wal-Mart)
    2 or 3 Large Vitamin E Capsules that you cut or slice open and extract the oil.
    Last is several drops of your favorite cologne or After Shave Splash. I use Ice Blue Aqua Velva as it gives a nice blue color to it plus it has a slight menthol kick. I have another bottle that includes both Ice Blue Aqua Velva and Osage Rub which really gives a nice Arctic kick in the Summer.

    Once mixed just shake it up before you apply each time and you can adjust any amount of the ingredients to fit your preference. I like more Glycerin which many people do not so you might prefer just a few drops instead of a tablespoon. I still apply an aftershave balm or RR aftershave wax after I let this mixture dry on my face as Glycerin is not a moisturizer but helps the skin retain moisture especially any that you apply.
  15. Wh is really cheap, and really its all most would need. The TSF is also nice, and I'd just keep it for use when your skin feels really harsh. Almost any of the balms will also serve the same purpose.
  16. This is what I do. BTW, anyone know where a glass spray bottle can be purchased?
  17. My current routine is WH, followed by a AB splash (Proraso or 4711 currently), then a balm of some kind (Nivea or the new Proraso).

    I don't think the WH really does anything for doesn't hurt, but when I run out of my current supply I will not be purchasing more.

    In my experience, nothing you do after your shave can correct poor shaving technique (including bad lather, etc).
  18. For me, a shave is always followed by witch hazel (the cheap version with alcohol). AS or balm is optional after the WH dries.
  19. Like many have already said, I use WH before my balm. I don't think of it as one or the other.
  20. +1

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